The Last Exorcism Part II


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Caleb Landry Jones as Caleb Sweetzer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jeff Lee 2 / 10

Love Means Never Having to Say You're Possessed

New Pope Francis 1 should ban exorcism films as they insult the intelligence of viewers.

This film is so boring and derivative. What's the big deal about Nell floating above her bed.

She hears the usual weird noises and sees funny things, typical in all exorcism films.

This film plods along at a leisurely pace until the exorcism, which is so weird that you have to see it to believe it.

WHO brings a heart monitor, a chicken and salt to an exorcism???? Ha ha.

Reviewed by Ranbud 1 / 10

I wish I had read the User Review First

Never do I rate a movie 1, and the only reason I did on this movie as there was not the ability to rate it a zero or less. The Last Exorcism Part II is a complete waste of time. It is NOTHING like other Exorcism movies, nor is even come lose to being scary. About all you get out of this is a lot of deep looking facial expressions by Ashley Bel who plays Nell. I was so disappointed in that there was nothing really scary, some possessed people who just talk scary, yet the demon is never really there. The scenes were so disjointed, and after 30 minutes, I felt like OK, this has gone so slow up until now, something really scary is going to happen next... I was mistaken. After 45 minutes, I waited, after an hour, I waited, then figuring that this was going to be a great and scary ending.. I waited.. Then the credits roll! ARE you freaking kidding me? This has to be the G rated version of scary movies of all time. Like another review hit on, the only reason it seems that this movie was made was to pry money from those that saw the first movie and thinking this will be a continuation of that. Here is the fact of life, if you go see this movie thinking it is a scary or demonic movie, the Joke will be on you as the movie maker laughs all the way to the bank.

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