The Last Days on Mars


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The Last Days on Mars (2013) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 20%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 25%
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Liev Schreiber as Vincent Campbell
Olivia Williams as Kim Aldrich
Elias Koteas as Charles Brunel
Romola Garai as Rebecca Lane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Rabh17 3 / 10

Oh God...somewhere a screenwriter is crying!

It started off with a nice technocratic elegance. The feel of the props and the sets had a 2001-ish techno-realism that I found pleasing. And even better, the cast of characters: The Coldly Irate Scientist, the Astronaut with the Hidden Fear, the Cowardly Psychologist, the Brave, but Conflicted was all a great set-up for a tension thriller when the crisis would hit. And overall, the photographic sense of realism in the martian landscape was the perfect canvass for a great thinking person's space thriller. I mean, even the acting was great!

But then, back in the Conference Room, someone on the Producer's Committee slammed both hands on the table and shouted: "I put a lot of flinkin' $$$ into this flinkin'' I wanna see ZOMBIES!"

And then everyone else around the table started nodding their heads and muttered: "Zombies is Good", "My kid like Zombies", "Zombies Sell", "Zombies are the KEY Demographic", "Yeah, people pay to see Zombies!", "It's gotta be Zombies this season." "Zombies, I tell ya!"

And the Director threw up his hands and said: "Alright, dammit. Let There Be Zombies!"

And the rest of the movie went FLUSH! Down the drain.

If I wanted to see Zombies on Mars, I woulda watched "Ghosts of Mars"...Again! But I Won't. Because that Movie was a waste of a rental even THEN. And even THEN, the Zombies didn't really make any sense, but it didn't matter because it was all about Ice Cube running around shooting things up.

Here, the Zombies didn't matter because they didn't even TRY to make the concept make Scientific Sense once the Human Zombies (Born of Martian Microbes) started running around naked on the martian surface and blowing things up so they can go: "Om Nom Nom"

Don't PAY to watch this trainwreck in the Theatre. Wait until it streams for free on Hulu...

Reviewed by yourlife 6 / 10

Old School Space Story

This movie had a shot at being quite good, only made it to pretty good. It was a bit of a throwback movie from the 50's with better special effects. Performances were good, but the story went from scientific to space horror a tad too quickly.

Liev Schrieber was adequate but his character had no emotion until the very end of the film. Other performers were sort of character actor types and their length of time on the screen was based much on either who is the prettiest or the most foolish.

There was decent suspense early on and a curiosity as to what happened earlier in their lives, but not in the movie and I guess it had played a part in the plot, but with no explanation, it was kind of oddly placed.

It's a decent watch and only killed about 98 minutes, so you won't find it to be a total waste of time. If you watch it with the thoughts of real early science fiction, you can see how it fit into the genre.

Some people may be surprised by the ending or you'll wonder what happened next.

Take the time, enjoy the ride and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, but not overwhelmed.

Just my thoughts!

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