The Land That Time Forgot


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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 50%
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Doug McClure as Bowen Tyler
John McEnery as Captain Von Schoenvorts
Susan Penhaligon as Lisa Clayton
Keith Barron as Bradley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Theo Robertson 8 / 10

Very Enjoyable Despite The Flaws

When I was a young boy of eight years old I saw this at my my local cinema . In those days it cost 15 pence ( A fair amount of money for an eight year old child ) to get in . I actually saw it two or three times which eat up my pocket money bit I certainly thought it was money well spent since in those days I enjoyed war films and monster films . Yesterday morning Channel 4 broadcast it at 6 am which seems a ridiculous time to broadcast anything never mind a fondly remembered fantasy adventure movie but I looked forward to seeing it again if only to see how well it stands up as entertainment today . Would my cherished memories be hurt ? Do I have nice memories about THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT simply down to nostalgia ?

To be honest I think the answer is a resounding no . Right from the opening title sequence where Douglas Gamley's score sums up the downbeat feature of the story we the audience are treated to a fantasy adventure that is a little bit different . You could point out the first half of the movie is somewhat repetitive as the Germans and Brits get one over on one another but in amongst all this is some serious debate on wartime morality , allied civilian ships carrying weapons of war for example which shows no one has a monopoly on self righteousness when the battle lines are drawn and the theories of Nietzsche are also touched upon . What'd you mean this is a childish film ?

No doubt the people who watched this at the cinema on its release where more interested in prehistoric monsters than 19th century philosophy and it's not till half way through that the U-boat reaches the ancient island of Caprona which is inhabited by rubber dinosaurs and troglodytes . Yeah okay the monsters especially the pterodactyls are not very convincing but I've seen worse . It's also interesting to that this part of the movie replaces Nietzsche with Darwinisnm and I don't know if it's deliberate but this concept fits in perfectly well with the sequel THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT . How many times have you seen a sequel that almost contradicts the original movie ? This makes THE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT something of a stand out movie alongside the very pessimistic final act

I fail to see how anyone can actively dislike this movie . I agree that the special effects are far from brilliant but look beyond the FX and you'll see a very intelligent piece of fantasy adventure . The very fact that it has a sense of wonder and a truly haunting ending sets it apart from many other movies of its ilk like WARLORDS OF ATLANTIS and AT THE EARTHS CORE and nostalgia or not I certainly enjoyed seeing it again

Reviewed by G.Spider 9 / 10

Hang on. This is better than today's dinosaur films.

The survivors of a doomed World War 1 ship manage to board and take over the German submarine which sunk them. After a lot of disputing, the sub becomes lost and before long the enigmatic island of Caprona is sighted. Due to desperately low supplies the two crews, who call an uneasy truce, are forced to land the sub and find themselves in a world where prehistoric animals still live.

This is a well-made and highly entertaining film. Doug McClure makes a good hero and the other characters are also interesting and believable, the story is well-paced and the music is suitably atmospheric. The special effects are not always as good as they might be (the giant pterodactyl and the plesiosaur that gets shot at look decidedly fake). But the film is a classic and I certainly found it a lot more memorable and enjoyable than any of the recent dinosaur films.

Reviewed by TrevorAclea 6 / 10

If only it was as good as the poster...

The poster for The Land That Time Forgot made it look like this was going to be the greatest film ever made when I was a kid - dinosaurs, U-boats, cavemen, erupting volcanoes and Doug McClure: how could it NOT be great? Well, this being the mid-70s, the crummy special effects in the form of Roger Dickens' prehistoric puppets that don't exactly give Jurassic Park a run for its money. But still, this low-budget adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' terrific adventure novel does have some good ideas in its script as well as dinosaurs, U-boats, cavemen, erupting volcanoes and Doug McClure, so it's not a total wash, and compared to the incredibly poor sequel, The People That Time Forgot, which threw away all that was best about the premise, it's still fun, if somewhat muted. And it has a really great poster.

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