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Reviewed by FlashCallahan 7 / 10

Every Friday night.....

Seagal looks like he is returning to form after nearly seven or so risible films made in the mid-noughties.

Seagal plays Sallinger or Ballinger depending on where you join the film, an ex cop who gets betrayed by his partner at the beginning, nearly killed, and has to nurse himself back to help, all the while complaining about taking pills and not having long enough jackets.

He gets a call from a mate in Texas, who offers him a job and a hat to look after his daughter after there was a kidnappimg attempt on her. The rest is pure filler, there is something to do with uranium, and the girls boyfriend being a bit of a idiot, but it's all down to the action.

Part Hard to kill (the first act), part The Hard Corps, and mostly Man On Fire, this has to be Seagals best film in over five years.

The story is good, Seagal looks like he is putting some effort into his role finally, and their is no evidence of a stunt double or voice double this time.

It still looks cheaply made, but at least it wasn't filmed in Romania. There are a few plot holes, especially at the beginning, why is his Niece actually in the film? there is no point, and we never really get to know how well Sallinger knew his partner.

The action scenes are okay, a lot more exciting than Seagal previous efforts, and the bad guys really know how to fall after being shot.

So it's not the greatest film in the world, but for Seagal, it's a triumph, it's a shame to know he never put in this much effort with Sony, then he would be more respected.

Reviewed by curtis martin 6 / 10

Solid but Unspectacular DTV with one really bizarre error

"The Keeper" is better than most Steven Seagal Direct to Video films (but not as good as any of his theatrical films from back in the day, of course). I mean, anyone who says this is a downturn in quality obviously never saw "Kill Switch" or "Out for a Kill," "Today You Die," or any of the other Seagal DTVs that were so re-dubbed, re-edited, and filled with stock action sequences cut-and-pasted from other films that they were totally incomprehensible. At least "The Keeper" had a basic story you could follow and made sense overall. It's almost at the level of lower tier action flicks like Charles Bronson's "Evil Men Do," or Burt Reynold's "Malone" (and about at the level of Van Damme's "Border Patrol"). Serviceable vehicles for aging action stars. And the film has a tiny bit of Seagal-dubbing at the opening, a few lame supporting performances, and some minor continuity and plot hole problems--the usual for super low budget action flicks. But the leading lady is pretty good--delivers her lines well and is sexy in that gangly, puppet-ish Scarlette Johanssen way). And the guy that plays her dad is channeling Levon Helm, so that's OK. The film's opening, where cop Seagal is shot and then has to train his way back to fighting health, is pretty good, but seems to be from a different movie; none of the characters it introduces appear later on in the movie (in fact, the opening incident isn't even mentioned later on). I suspect that the best parts of two not-that-great screenplays were melded together.

But the really WEIRD error in this otherwise workmanlike flick is that Seagal's character's name, Rolland Sallinger, changes halfway through to Rolland BALLINGER! Just out of nowhere, one of the other actors start calling him "Ballinger" instead of "Sallinger"! This is both the kind of thing you'd expect in a Seagal DTV, given that they are often slapdash, but also exactly what you wouldn't expect! I mean, Seagal's DTVs are notorious for the re-dubbing of dialog and the makers of The Keeper opted not to re-dubb dialog in a case where it actually would have made sense to do so!

All in all, though, this is a passable 90 minutes entertainment for fans of the giant, middle-aged, whispering bada$$ we all secretly love.

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