The Hero of Color City



The Hero of Color City (2014) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 56%
IMDb Rating 4.2 10 291  


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Christina Ricci as Yellow
Owen Wilson as Ricky The Dragon
Sean Astin as Horatio
Elizabeth Daily as Mom / Ben / Tutti Frutti / Neon Lime
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cinnamonstyck 9 / 10

Darling for kids, not too shabby for their parents, either.

As a parent who has had to sit through a lot of children's programming over the years, I really liked this little movie. The premise is cute, and there's a few jokes aimed at the parents in there. It's not so teeth-rottingly sweet as to be nauseating to Mom and Dad, the music is catchy, and the children's drawings come to life is an interesting concept that's not overdone. I've found myself asking my two year old if he'd like to watch the crayon movie again! The voice actor's list has some of my favorites on it including Sean Astin (from Goonies and The Lord Of The Rings) who I would never have pegged, although I knew it was familiar and I actually came to IMDb to see who the voice actor is. It also stars Owen Wilson and Christina Ricci, Craig Ferguson and Wayne Brady. Put the movie on for your kiddos- mine love it!

Reviewed by WHYtehawk 2 / 10

Average film for young children

This film is average baby sitting filler / bargain bin DVD quality in regards to plot. It meets all the criteria to keep preschoolers watching. Don't expect to enjoy it if you're an adult but is harmless enough. The quality of animation is basic but it falls moreso in review due to the basic plot. My kids aged seven,five and three seemed entertained enough by it and I'm not a 30 yr old neckbeard who expects a children's film to also keep adults entertained with subtext and highly developed themes in children's flicks. They are what they are. Pixar quality films like Toy Story 3 are rare for a reason. Good to see Craig Ferguson getting work though.

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