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Analeigh Tipton as Ana Lee
Christoph Waltz as Chudnofsky
Seth Rogen as Britt Reid / The Green Hornet
James Franco as Danny Crystal Cleer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Larry S 1 / 10

Really annoying film

The trailer got me all excited to watch this, but boooooy was I wrong. I was really hoping this was going to be like Iron Man but instead it felt like that darn Streetfighter film with Van Damme. Like Streetfighter, the movie felt really short, because there was not much of a plot. Heroes were generic and same with the villains. You see the bad guy in the beginning, but there wasn't much character development which made the villain very generic (which also made it obvious how the story is going to end). Kato's role was generic as well, like he was a typical Asian foreigner who does all the hard work but no play. Now I understand why Nicolas Cage turned down the role of the villain and same with Stephen Chow as Kato...lame. Besides the cheesy characters, the fight scenes were done in slow motion which made it seem fake and derivative of the Matrix, Seth Rogen (green hornet) was annoyingly loud most of the time, I didn't really understand what Jay Chou (Kato) was saying sometimes because of his heavy accent (which also made his acting kind of wooden), and Cameron Diaz felt like she was there just for star power for some reason. Even the action scenes (especially towards the end) was very boring, (believe it or not I actually fell asleep during the middle of an action scene), my brother tapped me on my shoulder to wake me up. There was nothing in this movie that was really interesting other than maybe the black beauty (green hornet's car) and maybe his hornet gun, and that's about it. And what was up with the 3- D? The glasses made the movie too dark and did nothing to the experience (I am getting really sick of 3-D).

Reviewed by Anton_Ego 1 / 10

A stinker : green hornet - dog poo cornet

Where do I start ? See how long we can take one joke and stomp it to death again and again and ( voice gradually fades ) ..Arrogant rich kid blundering through life ; Smart sidekick does everything for hero who doesn't get it .... The casting is so far off wack in this, Seth Rogen who is supposed to be core of this film is just not convincing either as rich playboy buffoon, or as a prospective crime fighter. He spends the whole film being unsure of what he is doing there. The arch villain even when he is shooting people is not the least scary. The humour is crass, directing appalling. The few decent actors Tom Wilkinson, Edward James Olmas just look embarrassed.

I notice there is no DC logo at the beginning, and someone should have stopped this mess a long time before release. I guess having Mr Rogen as producer probably didn't help.Its not that I don't like these type of films; Iron Man is one of my all time favourites and Kick Ass does what it says on the tin. Really - buy yourself a tin of Dulux, a 4 inch brush,find a wall and slap it on. You'll find watching it dry a lot more fun..

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