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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 60%
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Brendan Gleeson as Murray French
Taylor Kitsch as Dr. Lewis
Gordon Pinsent as Simon
Liane Balaban as Kathleen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wookienanny 9 / 10

Don't miss this one!

A great movie with a stellar cast...was lucky to see the premiere during TIFF. I haven't laughed so much throughout a movie for a long time. In fact will have to see it again to catch all of the conversations as audience was laughing so much. Surprised to hear everyone breaking out in applause at various times during the movie. Very uplifting, well worth the price of admission. Gordon Pinsent and Brendan Gleeson's parts were my favorite characters, both superbly played by these talented actors. And Taylor Kitsch in the role of Dr. Lewis was the perfect straight man (handsome too). Congrats to writers Michael Dowse and Ken Scott for drawing attention to the plight of east coasters and treating a subject which could have been depressing with humor and compassion. Kudos too to Don McKellar for his directing accomplishment.

Reviewed by john-831-136270 9 / 10

A must see movie for those tired of forced Hollywood humour

This is a gentle movie, filled with gentle humour that brought smiles of delight to every one of our group of six. The scenes of the Newfoundland coast were breath taking. A great little story about a community struggling for survival. Another reviewer was dismayed by all of the citizens lining up for their welfare cheques. An exaggeration yes, because it is a film, but the key message he missed was how noble and honest, despite their desperate scam, the people of Newfoundland are. When I took my family for a vacation in Newfoundland we were mightily impressed by the scenic beauty but even more impressed by its people and their genuine interest in others. It made us proud to be Canadian and this film makes me proud of the Canadian film industry.

Reviewed by Hellmant 7 / 10

The sentimentality of the film is what doesn't feel cheesy!

'THE GRAND SEDUCTION': Three and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

Comedy flick about a small harbor community, in Newfoundland, who try to seduce a plastic surgeon, from a major Canadian city, into being their doctor. It's an English-speaking remake of the 2003 French-Canadian film 'LA GRANDE SEDUCTION' (which was set on the coast of Quebec). It was written by Michael Dowse and Ken Scott (the original movie's writer) and directed by Don McKellar. The film stars Brendan Gleeson and Taylor Kitsch (of 'JOHN CARTER', 'LONE SURVIVOR' and 'FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS' fame). I found the movie to be pretty silly at times but still funny and ultimately uplifting.

The story begins with Murray French (Gleeson) telling (through voice-over narration) how Tickle Head used to be a town of proud fishermen. Now nearly everyone is unemployed and collects welfare. Murray, like the other men of the town, desperately wants Tickle Head to secure a deal which would allow a chemical plant to be built there; this factory would create enough jobs for everyone. In order to do so they must have a community doctor. When Dr. Christopher Lewis (Kitsch) is stopped at the St. John's airport, with cocaine, the former mayor of Tickle Head (who is now a flight security agent) makes him a deal; Dr. Lewis must spend a month in Tickle Head as their doctor. It's up to Murray, and the whole town, to convince him to stay longer; which requires a lot of lying and seduction.

The movie isn't original at all; it reminds me of many other films, about small towns and trickery (most notably 'WAKING NED DEVINE'). A lot of the humor in it is pretty cheesy and some of the characters seem exaggerated. Still the movie does have a lot of character, and charm, and parts of it are pretty funny. The performances are great and, in the end, I really did care about the characters; the sentimentality of the film is what doesn't feel cheesy (unlike a lot of the jokes). That's why I liked it.

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