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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
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Cassidy Gifford as Cassidy Spilker
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Reese Mishler as Reese Houser
Ryan Shoos as Ryan Shoos
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 2 / 10

A new Gal-LOW in found footage horror....

Twenty years ago in the small town of Beatrice, there was a terrible accident that took place during a presentation of the play "The Gallows" at the High School.

Charlie Grimille, who was the understudy, filled in for the lead on opening night, but ended up swinging from the noose on stage during curtain calls.

In an attempt to honour the anniversary, Beatrice High School's drama department decides to revive the play in an attempt to put the past to rest.

Pfeifer, the star of the show, discovers her co-star, Reese, and a few of his friends, sabotaging the props one night. But when they are locked in the school with no cell service and no way out, they soon discover Charlie isn't at peace.....

When I first saw the trailer for this, I was completely blown away. It was terrifying, and straight to the point. Boom!! The Gallows, girl gets noose around neck and gets dragged away. Trailer done..

The film is very different, different as its a complete mess, poorly written, poorly acted, and quite incoherent. We basically spend the mercifully short duration watching teens waste their phone Batteries filming pointless walking back and forth down corridors.

On the odd occasion there is a figure holding a noose, but what's horrid about it is that it looks like Kane Hodder on occasion, and totally throws you.

The characters are wholly unlikable, and it all ends like you'd expect from a film that cannot decide where to go, abruptly.

The bit from the trailer is there, and it's still good, but your eyes will be so rolled back in disbelief that you'll probably miss it. Better still, just watch the trailer, you'll save yourself less anger than having to sit through this rubbish.

Reviewed by xxitalianbabezxx 1 / 10

Worst Movie Ever!

So apparently the plot of this movie is that in 1993 a school is doing a play called the Gallows. The character August played by Charlie Grimille something goes wrong with the props and everyone sees Charlie being hung dying infront of everyone. So in the film 20 years later which would place the film year 2013 the play is revived i am guess as a tribute to charlie. 4 Students break into the school at night and are haunted by a unseen spirit.

There is so many things wrong with that i don't know where to being. The acting is decent i will give that to them. But the whole movie lacks really much of a story. Pfeifer tells Ryan your not suppose to say Charlie on stage it is bad luck kinda like a Macbeth thing. Okay fine and well but why is it bad luck? Why can't you say it has the play ever been done after the accident? How did they get the idea to redo the play? When Reese discovers his father was suppose to play August not Charlie question remains why did his father call in sick? Was it truly a accident or what? If one of the students is suppose to be Charlie's kid born after his death wouldn't that put them being 19 or 20 call me dumb but by then you should be out of school. This movie is just so awful really don't waste your time watching it. Don't bother reading the "Fake positive reviews" Because shows people don't know true horror movies.

I always said a horror movie doesn't always need blood, gore, nudity etc long as it has a great story behind it a story that does not leave more questions then answers. This movie lacks that as you get more questions then you do answers. Found Footage movies should either go away or be made to look better then this bs! So i give this movie a F actually it is so bad it really doesn't deserve a grade

Reviewed by atinder 2 / 10

Watch teaser Trailer and your done with the movie

The found footage genre is really odd one.

I seen to number of them , I liked a lot of them but I hated few of them else And there are some feel are OK.

If we the gallows falls in the hated pile, when I first saw the teaser Trailer at insidious 3, I thought it looked and sound really good . But sadly that was not the case.

The doing play on stage but some goes wrong when is accidentally hung on stage.

The the movies onto modem time and people getting ready for the same play

But the football player who is really bad actor on stage (and off stage as well)

They break into school at night and trash stage, then when movie Start to up, with the door that never locks , is locked!

What this movie is missing is that that there was no atmosphere at all , I didn't find anything creepy or scary at all.

Even the jump scene didn't work and I saw them coming a mile away.

I didn't like how the movie ended , it was predicable

I going to give this 2 out of 10

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