The Family Tree


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The Family Tree (2011) download yts

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 10%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 26%
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Britt Robertson as Kelly Burnett
Madeline Zima as Mitzy Steinbacher
Christina Hendricks as Alicia Bouche
Dermot Mulroney as Jack Burnett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Raul Faust 5 / 10


What a little freak thing is this movie! A weird family goes through a difficult time when the mothers gets a relative amnesia. Father is a turning-a-blind-eye man; mother is unfaithful and has a creepy fetish involving bandits; sister is an annoying and arrogant teenager that seems to overrate sex, whilst her brother is virgin and religious. There isn't much to expect about this story, considering there isn't a single enjoyable character. Also, sometimes the film feels tiresome. One of the few good things about it is the way writers portray religious fanaticism, using some ironical elements to make it's portrait. Kinda original story, but bad picture anyways.

Reviewed by featherfig 5 / 10

Great little dark comedy

This movie is a pleasant surprise, with a great cast and a "Twin Peaks" sense of weirdness underneath the veneer of suburbia. Hope Davis is a bored, bitchy housewife who pours her energy into fund raisers for ridiculous causes and a kinky affair with her neighbor. Her daughter is the school slut, her son is a mixed up Jesus freak misfit with an unexpected gift for target shooting and her husband, Dermot Mulroney, is in a dead end job trying to please a boss he hates. It all turns into a crazy do-over when wifey hits her head during one of her sexual escapades and wakes up with amnesia. Gang bangers, a football star literally caught with his pants down and a dope smoking priest (played to the hilt by Keith Carradine)all figure in to a madcap climax. "Family Tree" is a gem, don't miss it.

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