The Faith of Anna Waters


Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

The Faith of Anna Waters (2016) download yts

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Matthew Settle as Sam Harris
Elizabeth Rice as Jamie Waters
Pamelyn Chee as May Wong
Elizabeth Lazan as Ling Li
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a-hassona 1 / 10

I don't know where to start......

I really don't know where to start......This shouldn't be called a movie at all. The acting is awful and the story is inconsistent and contains many discrepancies. The actors don't seem to fear anything, they keep seeing ghosts and they don't scream, run or even panic. The little girl in the movie doesn't even look like her parents (And no, she is not adopted), I mean, no one noticed that! Not even the cameraman!! The movie is not on a very low budget as you will see that the producers spent a couple of hundred dollars on some graphics for lousy ghosts and flying bodies. I wouldn't really recommend anyone to watch it, not even when you have nothing else to do. You will basically waste 2 hours of your life.

Reviewed by ubxerogravity 4 / 10

This turned out to be a dud

One of the worse ghost stories that I have seen in recent years. I was not scared at all.

The filmmakers did a lackluster job with the film. It had a lot to it. A woman comes to Singapore to find out why her sister took her life and finds clues that something supernatural was involved. Not a hard story to follow, but then they added in this extra story about a group of priest looking into someone using computers to recreate the tower of Babel, The stories interconnected real badly and I could not tell you how the filmmakers drop the ball with what could have been a touch down.

It's not scary and it does not give me goosebumps or creeps me out. It falls too flat to be any worth watching.

Reviewed by bouncingflamingo 5 / 10

I have a lot of questions

The actors seem too calm and composed in the face of paranormal entities, *spoiler alert* their first reaction was to bring the victims to the hospital rather then acknowledge the presence of the 'creature'. Not really sure if adding binary code into the mix was just to complex things up or make the film seem more 'codey' or 'puzzle crackling', also where did the list of names that auto-deletes come from? Actually, i realized i have no idea what the tower thing was about. Also, the script for the ex-husband of Anna Waters was really annoyingly frustrating during the part where he was trying to get his daughter out from the house, his hysterical daughter was so bent on staying put in the house but all he could manage was to continuously order her out without any form of rational reasoning except to aggravate her even more by telling her her mother isn't coming back. But the aerial shots in the beginning of the movie was beautiful, the cinematography was quite well done too, also, another white elephant i have to address is why did Anna's ex-husband tried to hang himself after seeing the video clip of a Chinese woman gorging her heart out and seem to have healed in the next clip? Isn't that suppose to be a red flag for him considering how others have committed suicide over that same video they have seen? Like, that is the bloody reason why people are killing themselves, over a Nigerian-prince-million-dollar type paranormal 'scam'. Why would he fall for something that has evidently killed others before him that have not come back to life?

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