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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 39%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
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Channing Tatum as Marcus
Donald Sutherland as Uncle Aquila
Mark Strong as Guern
Jamie Bell as Esca
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Xlegion 6 / 10

Just OK!

The movie has a fairly good opening in my opinion, a rather dull middle and a predictable ending.

The problem with it for me is the same problem I'm seeing with a lot of the new action films. The cameras stays very tight, action is all blurred and close up, so you can't see what's going on. The sound track is all keyed up so you won't be concentrating on the errors in the action. (Which you can't really see anyway) Golly, give me the days of good stuntmen back again.

I liked the opening half hour or so, but the middle is so much like a North American Indian film you lose all sense of the time period. I agree with the former reviewers comments, Gee, if the Britains lived like this why bother with them.

I prefer the mini-series "Rome" to this any day.

The theater chains are also destroying the movie going experience as I have to agonize over 15 minutes of commercials before the main feature starts.

Reviewed by mdazl 9 / 10

Surprisingly Awesome!

The Eagle wasn't desperate or overly ambitious— it was exactly what you'd want from a tale of friendship and adventure! I'd been prepared for a ten minute opening montage educating us on the socio-political climate of Roman-occupied Britain, but I was pleasantly surprised with the character focused introduction. I know it's a little unaware, but I didn't go see this movie for historical accuracy, or to be being preached to about the triumphs of the human spirit. It's a very simple story, but epic in its presentation. You get swept into their journey to find the lost Eagle and restore honor to Marcus's family. There are several graphic (but never gory) battles, and a memorable relationship evolving through the movie.

The casting was on the money; it was a treat to see O'Hare (Russell Edgington from True Blood), and Sutherland as Marcus's caring uncle. This is undoubtedly Channing's best work— he is completely believable as a leader but not infallible as we find out early in the movie when he is injured. Jamie Bell was brilliant as Esca; he has a lovely tortured look about him, with just a hint of unpredictability that makes him seem dangerous. I won't give it away but he has multiple reasons to want Marcus dead, which makes their friendship so compelling.

As for the (apparently huge) Bromance issue, it's made even more obvious by the absence of a female lead, which I'm fine with. If there isn't a well developed female character, then I'm grateful we were spared the token hot-girl who contributes absolutely nothing to the plot (other than to offset any male bonding that goes down later in the movie). The Eagle didn't need that; sexuality was never a character driving theme. There's definitely love and respect between Marcus and Esca, but don't expect them to have any chick flick moments. I only say this because some of the more clumsy interviewers have been harping on it, and it's tacky. Obviously if Channing and Bell ever did do a gay themed movie, I'd be thrilled/elated/first in line, but I'm not calling gay every time I see two guys next to each other having emotions. I guess people are going to see what they want to see— they're both really good looking guys risking their lives for each other, I get it.

At the end of the day, the only thing I found lacking were parts of the dialogue, especially in the beginning. That's just nit-picking though. The Eagle was leagues above movies like Troy and Alexander in terms of heart, however don't go in expecting Gladiator-esque material. It may as well have been a classic sports flick, and the Eagle their Superbowl trophy— there's something distinctly American about it. You will however end up caring about the characters, which to me, makes a movie worth watching.

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