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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kosmasp 6 / 10

Run of the mill (into the water)

This is your typical horror/slasher movie you get served here. A few good looking women (who are all friends), get haunted by something/someone. It's not really original, but it's entertaining enough to watch, if you lower your expectations enough. The physical aspect of the actresses work has to be stressed out, even though it shouldn't matter on your view of the movie in general.

The movie is also trying to give us something different every time we go into ... that other place. It's nicely choreographed and shot, if not anything else. It's predictable, but the tension is still there and you can watch it with a couple of friends as a party movie too.

Reviewed by Souvik Chatterjee 7 / 10

Excellent horror!

This is an excellent horror film, with matching cinematography... I am forced to write this review, since I found the ratings to be so low, which this film does not deserve at all. The story is good, the horror is good, the direction and cinematography is excellent...what else do you want? I am not sure why the haters are complaining but I am a world-cinema watcher and I say - this is very different and very good. Do watch it. Maybe you will like, maybe you would not.... I loved it. The concept of the 'someone from the water' is frightening enough...and add a serial-killer to it and make him survive 'death' - real horror! Thanks.

Reviewed by madspike212 2 / 10

The Trailer lied to me!!!

In all honesty when I saw the trailer I thought to myself this looks like a good movie. The concept was a nice idea and it certainly had a creepy vibe to it. Even when I started watching it I could see it was getting straight into the story. Yet that is only where it had my interest. From there on out.... It started to fall apart for me....

First of all the way the story unfolded was pretty poor. Like I said earlier the concept of the film was good though how they laid it out was pretty weak. Like how Anna gets so seriously angry about Madison missing her wedding since Madison gained a fear of water since she nearly drowned to death. If it was my friend, I would give them the benefit of the doubt as they nearly died and are somewhat traumatised. Yet no we shall play along with the fact her friends have had enough and want to help her by stuffing her in a tub of water. (I have seen so many therapies for this particular phobia work exactly how they did it). Anyway I digress. Its little things like this in the story that drive me a little mad as it just doesn't flow well enough for me.

Now you may say, well its a horror, the story is not meant to matter. Be there for the scares! Well sorry but b*ll*cks to that. I never got a single jump out of it. Not even my fiancée and she jumps easy, she ended up slumping over from boredom. Other than the fact the Drownsman looked like a runaway Orc from Lord of the Rings hoping to pursue a new career in Hollywood, his killings just did not do it for me. He just killed them like his namesake, which clearly the writer couldn't make exciting. Plus all of his attacks were very much the same. You knew when he was coming and even when he did all it was, was his bloody hand!

So as you can see I was clearly disappointed by this film and if you do care about the storyline you will be too. I only gave this film two stars as I still reckon the plot line of this film could have worked. So please avoid this and watch something more interesting. Like the steam off a pile of sh*t.

P.S. The worst quote of the film was Madison saying "To be honest, I didn't believe until today" which brings up many questions.

And the worst reaction is when Madison trying to save her remaining living friend. Pathetic!

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