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Crispin Glover as William Foster
Clayne Crawford as William Eddy
Michele Santopietro as Amanda McCutchen
Mark Boone Junior as Franklin Graves
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merklekranz 6 / 10

Crispin Glover in a restrained and believable performance ...........

Crispin Glover leads the ill fated Donner Party in this entertaining fictional, though based on fact, movie. The audience is immediately aware of the party's desperate situation, stranded and starving in the snow covered Sierra Nevada Mountains. The film, though relentlessly downbeat, does try to realistically portray how individuals might have reacted to the extreme conditions they were subjected to. Cannibalism is portrayed in a dignified manner, not sensationalized, and there is actually very little blood. The haunting soundtrack seems very appropriate, and the Donner Pass locations beautifully, though bleakly, photographed. Recommended, and especially recommended if you want to see Crispin Glover in a restrained and believable performance. - MERK

Reviewed by douglas lally 3 / 10

Maybe Dahmer would have enjoyed this

To call this film "The Donner Party" is misleading. The events portrayed are purely fictional and do a great disservice to the historical truth behind what really happened. The scope of the film encompasses only a handful of the party who attempt to cross the Sierra Nevadas to California in hopes of bringing back a rescue team for the remaining survivors. None of this actually happened. There is no coverage of the events leading to their predicament in the mountains, only passing references and incomplete pieces of information. Although the direction does artfully capture the brutality of their circumstance it also portrays people numbingly boring and cartoonish. The dialogue is dull and awkwardly delivered with a multitude of intense, soap opera close ups. Long stretches of yawning wide shots and wordless scenes of boots plodding inch by inch through thick snow. But my real problem is the focus on cannibalism. Once the food runs out they decide someone needs to die so the others may live. Aside from the glaring historical inaccuracy, the film seemed to become about cannibalism. Albeit not graphically, but the lifeboat mentality over who was next became practically comical. The only bright spot in this was Crispin Glover as the transparently weak minded, pious, self preservationist. His character was the only one I could actually picture as a figure from the Donner Party. The remaining cast were two dimensional pretty people slathered in fake dirt and period costumes. I don't recommend this film but I particularly advise anyone who may be looking for anything to do with the real Donner Party to prepare for disappointment.

Reviewed by inamind 2 / 10

Movie plodded along as slowly as the Donner Party

I live in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. As such, I am very familiar with the Donner Party and looked forward to viewing this movie. However, I was very disappointed. It is full of inaccuracies. While it is true some of the party resorted to eating human flesh to survive, no one was killed to do so. It left out the struggles of those left behind, waiting to be rescued and what they endured. I noted Foster's beard was neatly trimmed throughout the film, amazing to me, as they barely were able to stay alive, much less have access to a barber, nor would they have looked as healthy after days of near starvation. The acting, too, left much to be desired. For me, this movie was a major flop.

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