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Adam Sandler as Max Kessler
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Kathryn Hahn as Becca
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by earnyandberney 8 / 10

Sandler back?

This movie I was expecting to be as bad if not worse than The Ridiculous 6 which I couldn't even finish, but I was pleasantly surprised with The Do Over. The movie has a good amount of laughs, and at some points kept me on the edge of my seat. I think that this is one of Sandler's best movies within the past 6 years. I was also very happy with David Spade's performance. I was expecting him to be just like he was in Grown Ups, as a stupid immature old man, but he surprised me as well. He kept the movie funny as well as maintained great acting the entire movie, as well as the whole cast. Overall, the movie was great. Great acting, great laughs, great action(which still surprised me), and one of Sandler's best in the past few years.

Reviewed by anthonymichaelbangert 6 / 10

No Need to Do-Over this film

It's no secret that I have hated almost every Adam Sandler film in the last few years. They have consistently been terrible. So when I decided to watch The Do-Over, I did not have high hopes. I really expected the worst. I can say I was pleasantly surprised. Adam Sandler and David Spade actually delivered a decent and fun comedy.

Two guys down on their luck fake their own deaths to escape their terrible lives. They take on the identities of two dead guys who apparently had a lot of money and something to hide, and stumble into a world of action they never asked for. Now, being chased by assassins, the two middle aged average Joes must find out why they are being targeted.

A simple premise, yes, but it delivers. The story actually has a good plot and some decent, if sometimes sloppy, character development. Some of the jokes are still riddled with that adolescent humor that plagues Happy Madison films, but it also lands quite a few funny moments. This movie will never be considered a classic, or one of my favorites. But I am still glad I checked it out.

The acting in this movie is okay. The 2 leads portray their parts convincingly enough. Though it can feel a little lazy at times. The rest of the actors get the job done. Nothing spectacular. But also not bad.

The soundtrack has a fun vibe, full of country hits, and some mediocre, generic action film music. It feels okay within the film.

The script was good. It definitely had some twists. And it delivered a story with more emotion and depth than the usual Happy Madison productions. It is very predictable to a fault, but it still feels nice to follow the story as it progresses.

So, in the end, this is not a masterpiece. It is not Sandler's best work. But it is a lot better than most of the stuff he's put out lately, and I can say I enjoyed watching it. It's a Netflix Original movie, so check it out if you have a chance.

Reviewed by Mike Francis 7 / 10

The Do-Over has Adam Sandler back to his best.

One of the best movies Adam Sandler has done in years, truly back to his best. Co-staring along side David Spade, play two guys who fake there own deaths to escape there awful lives, only to find out the guys who's identity they have taken are in a lot of trouble.

This Netflix original movie is hilarious and a return to form for Sandler, who last played a character similar to this way back in the nighties in a movie called Bulletproof. I think this movie could have benefited from a cinema release. Funny and crude but it also tackles a sensitive theme in a humorous way.

This fast paced action comedy is far from Sandler's usual family friendly tone. It's rated R for a reason! Not everyone will find this movie as funny as i did but this is a must watch even for non-Sandler fans.

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