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Reviewed by Adam_West_as_Batdan 5 / 10

Would probably have worked better taking a more dramatic approach

I went in to this movie not really thinking it would be all great, Jennifer Carpenter (from TV's Dexter) was the swing-vote why I decided to go ahead with it.

However she was not really why I kept interest, cause frankly she wasn't that great in this one.

Luckily the other cast was slightly better, no Academy award winning performances or anything but decent enough.

I went in to it thinking it would be a horror, and even though the beginning of the movie does fall in line with that and there are horror elements that pop out from time to time in the movie I'd say it's first and foremost a drama.

And even though the horror segments are neatly orchestrated it often just don't feel like it's from the same movie sometimes, characters who at one point are shook up can in the next minute be going on their business like nothing happened, so yeah uneven direction for sure.

It's almost as if someone wrote a somewhat realistic day to day script what life in a cult would be like and then some big shots told someone else to re-write it to a horror instead so they just cut and pasted some horror segments into the script where it could fit.

And the ending is pretty awful.


Reviewed by David Arnold 2 / 10

Boring, Uneventful, Slow, And Pretty Painful

The elders of an Amish-type community are in fear of an ancient evil prophecy coming true when six girls are all born at the same time....on the sixth day of the sixth month. The prophecy states that one of the girls born will become the "Devil's Hand". 18 years later, the girls have all grown up together as friends, but when one of them starts to have horrific visions, suspicion starts to arise that she may be the "Devil's Hand" and the prophecy may be coming true.

The Devil's Hand is, well, how can I say this? BORING! I know that's not a very ingenious way of putting it, but it gets straight to the point I think. This is basically an 86-minute snoozefest from start to finish, and never once does it get tense, suspenseful, scary, or frightening. In fact, the film comes across more as a kind of teenie drama instead of a satanic horror/thriller, especially when one of the girl characters befriends an "outsider's" son. Then it becomes more of a :::gag::: love story.

The plot is unimaginative and unoriginal, and really apart from the ending, which does have a nice wee twist, it's all rather predictable. On paper the cast is quite decent, but unfortunately the majority of their performances are about as wooden as Pinocchio. You don't feel any affinity towards any of the characters either, and - like me - you may actually find yourself not giving a damn on who lives and who dies.

I know a lot of the parts are supposed to be subdued due to the type of community the characters are from, but even taking that into consideration, they are still well below par. Colm Meaney is over-the-top as Elder Beacon, and instead of coming across as menacing, he just succeeds in being annoying, melodramatic, and sleazy. Jennifer Carpenter isn't too bad, though, and she does play a perfect b*tch for her role.

All in all, The Devil's Hand is really one of those films that you will see once and then never give it a second thought. Definitely one to avoid & forget to be honest.

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 6 / 10

Nasty Little Horror Flick

I saw this film in redbox and figured I'd give it a try, with very little expectations. I was surprised that it turned out to be a nasty little horror flick that kept me engaged throughout wondering how it would all turn out, right up to its' rather shocking and surprise ending.

The plot centers around the prophecy that if six girls are born on the sixth day in the sixth month, when they reach their 18th birthday, only one will remain and she will be the Drommelkind, or the Devil's hand.

In the Amish commune of New Bethlehem, in 1988, this is exactly what is happening, and that night the senior Elder Beacon, portrayed by the fine veteran actor Colm Meaney, fears the prophecy and wants to kill all six baby girls. However, he's prevented fro doing this by one of the girl's fathers (Rufus Sewell), although one mother apparently deliberately kills her newborn that night leaving five girls.

Flash forward 18 years, where the five teens, who have become good friends over the years, are nearing their 18th birthday in New Bethlehem. They have been suspiciously eyed by the community ever since the night of their birth.

As the time nears whether the prophecy will be fulfilled, bloody mayhem and murder begins in the town, with one by one of the teens being murdered, while some desperate parents of the girls commit suicide trying to save their daughters from becoming the Drommelkind. Elder Beacon begins to be suspected by some as actually committing these murders, as well as sexually molesting the teens in his "special examinations" to see if the Devil has invaded their bodies.

This will all spiral down into a chilling and rather shocking ending, that I really didn't see coming. If you're expecting all the pieces to fall neatly into place, in the B-movie type, you'll probably be disappointed, but if you can go with the flow you'll probably enjoy it more.

The movie is directed by Christian E. Christiansen with a screenplay by Karl Mueller.

All in all, this horror film was better than I anticipated and kept me engrossed and guessing to the end.

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