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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heratyplant 7 / 10

Excellent, I Was Riveted!

I've never seen anything quite like this, I loved the atmosphere, slow pacing at the beginning (which usually turns me off) and the gradual build & twists to a frightening end. I can't understand in the slightest where the current headline review sees this as a run of the mill movie & he knew everything that was on the cards, psychic much??

Was it perfect, no, of course not, occasionally the performances where a little 'off' but it passed quickly. All in all I found it different, quite eerie & it held my attention from beginning to end. I would happily recommend this to all looking for a ghost story with an enigmatic twist & a couple of really ticked off spirits.

Reviewed by James Wright 5 / 10

Terrifyingly Slow

Some movies work with a slow pace and a ramped up finale, but when watching this movie I just found it didn't hold my attention at all. It was certainly shot and put together well enough, there was just too little to hang onto.

I've been a big fan of arguably as slow-moving ghost movies in the past like Housebound, The Innkeepers or We Are Still Here. But each of these movies gave the audience something to keep their attention, like good dialogue, a constant air of tension, or one or two good scares to wake you up whenever you got complacent. This movie doesn't really do that, it cares more about the endless debate of supernatural vs. real evidence, when we all know as the audience that it is supernatural (or it would be a pretty lame movie) and thus don't care.

Overall I liked the way this film looked and with characters and dialogue that was more interesting it could have been something. As it stands it is just too dull to truly enjoy, especially when there are numerous other films like this in the genre that are better put together. Watch them first, then give this a shot and see if you like it.

Reviewed by makomomo98 2 / 10

Good movie destroyed by a stupid many other movies

Indeed, was a good movie with great moments of scary and more mystery but why to made a movie and you mess it up with such a stupid final? Why are more movies made just for the sake of making a film and mobbish the end? These filmmakers are not able to find a logical end or mock us for their proper satisfaction? In this days all are SMART.Smartphones, smart-TV, overall smart-devices.

But the end of many movies are SILLY AND BRAINLESS! Movies like Honeymoon, 400 Days, Deep Dark, The Forest, Crimson Peak, Before We Go, Z for Zachariah, The Curse of Downers Grove, The Pyramid, Oculus, The Last Days on Mars...and more...these movies have a miserable final and now this Dead Room...

Take lessons from how well it ends I Origins or Devil's Pass(The Dyatlov Pass Incident) or Predestination! This is shameful and derision for us, those who want to see a good movie WITH A GOOD,LOGICAL AND CLEVER END!!!

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