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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 85%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 72%
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Geoffrey Rush as Henry
Ewen Leslie as Oliver
Paul Schneider as Christian
Miranda Otto as Charlotte
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ed hart 10 / 10

Excellent all-round Aussie Production

I was lucky enough to see this film today at the Sydney Film Festival....adapted from Henrik Ibsens late 19th century play ''The Wild Duck'' but totally rewritten and retold into a modern Australian story set,maybe in the logging areas of Tasmania but actually filmed around the very atmospheric Snowy Mountain towns of Tumut and Batlow. The acting is superb, particularly the wonderful Ewen Leslie who just gets more magnificent in each role he takes on...Script and cinematography add to the overall brilliance of this terrific Jan Chapman production....a must see for all lovers of great Aussie films both here and overseas...I cant wait to see it again on its general release

Reviewed by christopher mcmullen 10 / 10

The Daughter is a one of a kind movie

this movie was simply amazing the plot was perfect everything unfolds at just the right moments,it always leaves enough mystery and wonder to keep you wanting to know more until you get to the end and the writer just unloads everything onto the audience.the actors were spot on superb acting for every single character even the background actors were so good it was like watching real life unfold in front of your eyes and the directing well that is what made this movie what it is didn't it,i am very picky about how a movie is directed and Mr Simon Stone my hat is off to you sir all around great job on everyone's part this movie is a must see for everyone.

to everyone that took part in this movie thank you for this gem of a film.

Reviewed by andrewbunney 10 / 10

As Good As It Gets- A Must See

The Daughter is a drama about a few days in the lives of two Australian families living in a rural timber mill town. The mill owner is taking a new wife just as he announces the closure of the mill. His son Christian flies in from the US for the wedding and reconnects with his childhood friend, Oliver. Oliver, a mill worker, lives with his wife, child and his decrepit father. An uncovered secret threatens to shatter the lives of everyone.

The themes are of honesty and family connection as the story, immediately sincere with plenty of light moments, slowly builds into deadly seriousness.

With pervasive and ominous masculine anger and alcoholism, The Daughter is a note-perfect portrayal of Australian small town life. Everyone makes mistakes and they can have devastating consequences for others. Damaged people are dangerous.

The storytelling is masterful, a huge credit to writer, director Simon Stone and to Andrew Commis' creative cinematography. The editing is exquisite, courtesy of Veronika Jenet (The Piano, Rabbit-Proof Fence, Strangerland, Black Balloon, Angel At My Table, Snowtown).

There are half a dozen great characters and the ensemble acting brings out the very best in both Geoffrey Rush and Sam Neill. Miranda Otto is magnificent. American Paul Schneider evokes the danger of the damaged man as does Aussie TV actor, Ewen Leslie as his long-lost mate.

Young Odessa Young as Hedvig is the central character. She ably commands everyone's attention and seems bound for stardom.

The Daughter is alternately poignant and powerful; a life-and-death drama, free of any suggestion of the theatricality of the play that inspired it, Henrik Ibsen's, The Wild Duck.

This is daring, fierce, and rewarding cinema; as good as it gets. A must see. 5 stars

Andrew Bunney, Let's Go To The Pictures, Three D Radio, Adelaide

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