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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dylan Templar 2 / 10

Are you supposed to laugh during a horror movie?

Honestly this movie can only be described as truly terrible. The abomination of horror films is what lies within.

I found myself laughing throughout the movie at the attempts to scare the audience.

I Really do not recommend this movie, and genuinely believe you'd find your time be better spent watching paint dry.

For a start, the acting wasn't particularly great. Admittedly some actors were better than others in this movie, but they were far and few between, and there was a lot to be desired. The poor cinematic techniques did not support the acting in anyway either. In some scenes, the shakiness of the camera, along with the shaky acting skills, made the movie feel rather amateurish. The lack of cinematic techniques and the inappropriate application of them, in my opinion, damaged any potential this movie had, where they may have been able to salvage it into a half decent movie if applied correctly.

The story line was rather scattered. There were 3 separate stories that were supposed to connect to a central theme. The stories didn't seem to logically connect together. I appreciate that they were trying to create something that was different from typical and overdone movies in the genre, but the execution was poor.

Just please don't waste your time on this movie.

Reviewed by nysalesman 5 / 10

Comes across like a student project, but still decent

This movie starts really bad. Everything about the first scene (and subsequent set-up scenes for the anthology stories) is bad. It has the worst acting and the worst production values. It must have been shot on an iPhone, because my home video camera takes better quality video than these scenes. The poorly written dialog, along with the poor production values, makes it nearly unwatchable.

I was about to give up on this movie after the first ten minutes. Then I remembered the other reviewers saying to stick it out. One even said that the bad acting and story was for a reason and it would all be clear by the end of the movie. So I stuck it out. I'm kind of glad that I did, because the first anthology story was actually pretty good and although the acting was still not that good, it was the best of the entire movie. Suffice it to say that the first story is sort of like the first paranormal activity film, but better and shorter. The second anthology story was decent, with the third being the least decent. Unlike the first scene and set-up scenes, the anthology stories actually had good production values.

The entire movie, however, never explained why the first scene (and subsequent set-up scenes) had the worst writing, the worst quality, and the worst acting. I'm taking a leap here, but this movie came across to me like a very well made student project. If I were attending film school and watched this as a final grade project, then I would say it was great. Otherwise, as a commercial film, it is entertaining enough to rate 5 stars.

Reviewed by Flow 5 / 10

Far better than expected.

I've seen so many horrors, especially those underground ones, that's why I'm here, commenting on those poorly viewed or rated in order to straighten some things up. This one looked like so many before, another cheesy copycat of everything else ever made.. but wait!

Wait! Watch it till its very end, after about 40 minutes, when the first story ends you start to understand it. It actually has a nice plot to it, some good stories, not the best acting out there but the script is indeed a good one. I declare myself truly pleasantly surprised. I did enjoy this and even tho it is very unknown I will recommend it. If you are a horror junkie armed with a little patience, see this one. Most likely you will not be disappointed!


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