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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 88%
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Clive Owen as Walt
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tony Heck 9 / 10

If I had to chose between the new Marvel movie and this one I would choose this one hands down.

"I don't know what kind of trouble he can get in in a day." Anthony (Lieberher) is 8 years old and is about to be confirmed in the Catholic Church. He has a hard time thinking of a time he sinned and lives life without conflict at all. When his mother and step-dad go on a retreat he isn't excited about spending the weekend with his alcoholic dad Walt (Owen). What starts off as a typical weekend with him slowly changes into 2 days that change the lives of both of them. This is just a great movie. This has everything I want in one. Great acting, a great story and nothing too over the top or unbelievable but touching and heartfelt regardless. It was just a pleasure to watch the interaction between the father and son and how, without overtly trying, they help each other to become better people. This is a very good family movie and is one that you can watch and enjoy with everyone. Every once in a while a movie comes along that needs to be talked up in order to get the audience it deserves. This is one of those movies. If I had to chose between the new Marvel movie and this one I would choose this one hands down. What you lose in effects and action you make up for in acting and story. To me that is more important. Overall, a movie I highly recommend and the best family movie since Little Boy. I easily give this a A.

Reviewed by g.barlas 5 / 10


A remake of Vittorio De Sica (director) and Cesare Zavattini (script)neo-realist classic I Ladri di Biciclette (soon to be released by Criterion on bluray) from 1948... This one holds itself rather moderately on the basis of the strength of the original film.. Nice move to take the story today's USA... Good and earnest performances from the leads and an excellent acting job from the child actor... And the question is, there is this excellent film before you, why on earth make a remake? I am not moved by this film, competently, professionally done but not an earth-shaker...I miss the soul of the human drama...I should say, why bother?

Reviewed by poisoncupcake74 8 / 10

A breath of fresh air

The shining light in this movie is Jaeden Lieberher. His character Anthony, brings to the screen one of the most genuine talents not seen for a long time. I couldn't figure out if this was a drama or comedy, it has thematic elements mixed in with comedy but the movie is very dramatic, however the drama is light hearted. For all his good intentions, Walt, played nicely by Clive Owen, is trying to do the right thing and constantly gets himself in a bad situation. His tools are stolen, and everything from there seems to go downhill for him. Oh yeah, its also his weekend to take care of his son, while the mother and step father go on a catholic retreat. I think his son (Lieberher) begins to see that his father really is trying to do the best he can in the face of adversity so these two head off, in search of the missing tools and meet all sorts of interesting characters in the film. I think the acting is great by everyone involved but the rapport between Owen and Lieberher is incredibly touching and real and it makes for a beautiful movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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