The Cobbler


Comedy / Drama / Fantasy

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Adam Sandler as Max Simkin
Dan Stevens as Emiliano
Steve Buscemi as Jimmy
Dustin Hoffman as Abraham Simkin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spmact 8 / 10

Sandler's best film in a long time

I used to be a big Adam Sandler fan, until he started phoning it in with the same kinds of immature jokes and "safe" comedies that sucked but still made a lot of cash.

I'm really glad he branched out and took a chance with this film; I think it really paid off. This film has a lot of heart, some decent comedy, and a nice story. It's more drama than comedy, but it's not too much drama. It even has a nice fantasy element without getting too caught up in it.

I don't get why it has such a low rating. I read some negative reviews by "critics" and thought it was another disappointment by Sandler, but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it wasn't. Give it a chance, and if you're not already prejudiced, I think you'll be glad you did.

Reviewed by moviecritic701 6 / 10

worth the watch!

I don't understand why this movie has such low ratings. It definitely is different than movies that you would typically see Adam Sandler in, but none the less still a really good movie. It was different, its appropriate for children. It was a sweet and heart-warming movie. It also had some laughs. It was a movie that I really enjoyed and probably wouldn't mind watching it again. I think this is one movie I am glad I didn't watch based on reviews but because it is an Adam Sandler movie. I think this is showing Adam Sandler in a different light and I love it. I think this role suited Adam Sandler really well it made me respect him more. I would say it is worth the watch.

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