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Danny Trejo as Father Connely
Eric Roberts as Father Tollman
Steven Brand as Father Johnson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elitespares 1 / 10

Wooden acting & don't waste your time!

The previous reviewer said that he loved this or "just am crazy"... He was right bout his self appraisal........ I only bothered to write this review as like those God bothers that come knocking on our doors.....I'm trying to save you! This is crap on every level.... Cameo virtually from Danny Treo.... Talk about wooden.....The guy playing the main priest shouldn't be allowed in a Ronald McDonald suit to act let alone be given lines to mono tone out! It never got better........Weak story....poor effects...... It was like I really believed the 10 star review from the previous reviewer and really was waiting for it to change but he plain out lied! Even crap would rate this as Crap! Are you getting the picture? Don't torture yourself with this complete wast of electricity..... Talk about a wast of all their resources & MY TIME! The previous reviewer was either bribed, part of the crew or just plain retarded to believe this was even worth writing about. Ten stars.........You got to be **** kidding! We best never listen to him/her AGAIN!

Reviewed by hulakan 1 / 10

An Unfortunate Mess

I watched this because Danny Trejo and Eric Roberts are in it. It's not like these two are master thespians or anything, but I find them likable enough, even in B movies. ("B" as in "low Budget" or just plain "Bad".) Trejo and Roberts have small parts, with screen time probably totaling less than 10 minutes between them. Eric Roberts seems to be sleepwalking, stoned, or both. The rest of the cast are unrelentingly horrible, either chewing the scenery or mumbling like blocks of wood blessed with the gift of speech.

The dialog is stilted, juvenile, and lacks both wit and sense. The plot, involving a secret society of exorcists battling demons, is inane and vacuous. This idea has been done before a few times: Constantine 2005, Hellboy 2004, The Ninth Gate 1999, for example. All of these, although there is not a masterpiece among them, are infinitely better than this poor offering.

The special effects are incredibly bad, something that is pretty hard to achieve with today's cheap computer graphic technology. It is often impossible to tell what is supposed to be going on with all the random flashes of colored light and moving shots of geological formations. The camera work is amazingly unskillful. In one of Eric Roberts' few scenes, he's talking to a priest whose head is out of frame at eye level.

I wish there were something positive I could say about The Cloth. Oh... there is something; it put my wife, who has been suffering from insomnia recently, to sleep.

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