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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbborroughs 10 / 10

A movie to give you nightmares

This is the story of a college student who goes to do research in a small town and promptly runs into strange goings on. Its not giving anything away to say that the events involve witches of the not particularly friendly variety.

This movie creeps me out. Even if I hear the music in another room my skin crawls. I don't know what it is but there is something about it that does not sit well with me. Eerily filmed in suggestive black and white this film looks like a half remembered nightmare, perhaps a clearer version of Begotten.

I dread the prospect of ever seeing this again, despite owning several versions of it. (Hey, a good fright film has to be treasured)

10 out of 10.

Remember keep the lights on while you watch this.

Reviewed by GroovyDoom 7 / 10

One of the best B&W horror movies of the 60's.

Some witches are just bad to the bone. Elizabeth Selwyn is one such witch, and she's executed in a witchly fashion for it. Right before she's burned at the stake, she vows revenge on her tormentors, which is probably a fairly typical thing to do when a bunch of people are burning you alive. Despite the fact that flames usually do nothing good for the complexion, Elizabeth apparently manages to return with all her witchly beauty as an immortal being who haunts the town of Whitewood, and her equally immortal coven lives there with her among the perpetually foggy streets. She and her cohorts are in the habit of sacrificing young girls on holidays that witches hold sacred, and she runs a spooky inn as a lure for this purpose.

This is an unfortunate reality for our damsel in distress, naive college student Nan Barlow, who goes to Whitewood to research the existence of witchcraft in its history. She learns the difficult way that old habits die hard, and our favorite witch, with the sly pseudonym of Mrs. "Newlys", is all too happy to welcome her to her creepy hotel, which is a lot like the Hotel California--you can check in, but you can't check out.

In a "Psycho"-esque change of protagonists halfway through the film, Nan's brother traces her to Whitewood when she turns up missing, and pretty soon everyone involved is on a collision course with the nastiest witch in Whitewood.

Oh, and Christopher Lee, too.

"City of the Dead", which also exists with the title "Horror Hotel" (which sounds a lot like something in a traveling carnival), is a deliciously spooky flick. Nobody's going to jump out of their seats watching this one, but it does have some excellent photography, especially in black & white, and the sets are truly eerie. Fans of more modern horror films will ultimately be disappointed, but genre aficionados will find this wicked black & white fun.

Reviewed by sol1218 6 / 10

Devil Worship in New England, Past and Present

******SPOILERS****** After listening to a lecture by Prof.Alan Driscoll, Christopher Lee, on the town of Whitewood Massachussetts back in 1692 where a local witch, Elizabeth Slwyn, was burned at the stake one of Prof. Driscoll's students Nan Barlow, Venetia Stevenson, decided to do a term paper on the subject. Nan drives to Whitewood to get whatever information she could get on the subject from whats available in the towns records dating back to the 17th Century about witchcraft in general and the Slwyn case in particular.

Getting instructions from a reluctant local living in the area Nan drives into the town of Whitewood and checks into the Raven Inn where she meets the owner Mrs. Newlis, Patricia Jessel, and her mute helper Lottie, Ann Beach. Nan, unknowing to her at the time, was to meet a fate reserved only for someone like her, an innocent girl, that was needed for the Witches Holiday of February 1, Candlemass Eve the Satanic mocking of the Church.

Early Witchcraft and devil movie that predated "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Exorcist" but despite it's small budget is as good as either of those movies and the dozens of imitations that followed them. Eerie and spooky film about Witchcraft in New England that covers some 300 years from the Salem Witch Trials in 1692 to the beginning of the Disco Swinging era of the 1960's.

The town of Whitewood is both in the dark and fog at all times in the movie with not a single ray of sunlight ever descending on it. This gives the town a really creepy look as well as unnerving everyone in the theater audience watching the film. It makes one feel that the movie was made in Northern Alaska during the time when it has six months of darkness instead of the state of Massachussetts.

Gripping as well as interesting movie with a great ending sequence where good overcomes evil despite the overwhelming odds against it.

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