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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gray-1218 10 / 10

The Blackout is worth the watch

This movie provides a peak at some major up & coming talent. I found the dialogue and humor to be impressive considering the budget involved. I would recommend giving it a view and watch some of these names show up more often in various roles because I saw a lot of range. I felt at first that I was to watch a horrific reboot of The Hangover, but it was instead surprisingly unique and refreshingly comedic from the typical type of comedy we've been force fed for years. Once you allow the characters to settle in, the movie takes off and your treated to impressive writing and witty humor. I thoroughly enjoyed and it reminded me where great talent starts.

Reviewed by crazykbs 10 / 10

Press play and you've got an instant cult classic.

The best way to describe this movie is Spinal Tap vomited the Hangover in Almost Famous' mouth in front of some Airheads. I love rock and roll movies and this one delivered in spades. I love this movie! I've seen it probably five times and I have laughed out loud every single time. The acting is solid all across the board with each actor bringing something different whether it was the drummer's hilarity, the singer's arrogance masking real emotion, or the bassists sage advice they were all so fun to watch. There was plenty of eye candy too, but I could have used more boobs, though what they do instead of showing sex is one of the funniest things! Next time you're in the mood to just have a drink or a smoke and watch a fun flick this is for you and your friends, and their friends! I have already made a lot of people laugh quoting this flick. College kids everywhere pre-gaming on the weekend while watching this. Seriously, if you like fun, boobs, and blacking out you will love this! My only real complaint is that I would have loved to see the band play. Check this out! Must see!

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