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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asd 7 / 10

Nothing special, but great monster makeup and a suspenseful finale saves this movie.

I have to say, after reading some reviews I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't great, for sure, it took from pretty much every backwoods horror/Blair Witch Project type movie, but at the end of the day, I really like those kind of movies.

I was most impressed by the monster. The makeup was actually quite spectacular and creepy, it looked great. There were only a few jump scares but they weren't cheap, there were genuine jump scares without that annoying loud "bwong" sound. (You know what I'm talking about.)

It starts out kinda shaky, the beginning of the film builds and loses atmosphere and it feels kind of awkward, the acting isn't anything special; but the last 40 minutes were great. The ending was kind of darkly comedic and a little goofy, but it tied everything up very well without just coming out and explaining the movie.

Overall nothing new or innovative, just another entry in the ever growing library of found footage movies, but entertaining at the very least.

Reviewed by cosmo d. 1 / 10

Can't get any worse


Poor in every respect ...

Inane dialogue.

Badly acted.

Poor Direction (if any at all)

A very sub-par copy of The Blair Witch Project.

I've wracked my brain trying to think of one positive thing I can state about this film and I've come up empty. I have thousands of titles in my film collection and this film has the distinction of topping my list as the worst film I've ever seen.

This movie has absolutely no redeeming qualities.

One thing I can say about this film, is that it's very good to use as a sleep aid.

Reviewed by waynehackett6 3 / 10

Oh my God, Why?

This is just terrible. There was a long drawn out beginning that amounted to a very poor middle and a pathetic end.

I get the concept of "Found video tapes" but feel that it was done and gone away with Blair Witch.

This film and story line would have suited a traditional filming method but the ending should have been given a lot more thought.

There is no originality with this film, which is a real shame because there are so many books out there that can provide the film makers with a truly terrifying story that could be portrayed on film.

The vampire him/itself was very much along the lines of the original Nosferatu, with no fangs to speak of, but actually the only highlight of the whole film.

Opinion is really a personal thing, and if you like this whole found tape thing, then you might enjoy it.

Me, I am going to stick with the proper way of filming and watch the "jump out of your skin" films.

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