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Kelly Reno as Alec Ramsay
Ferdy Mayne as Abu Ben Ishak
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by keithfox 9 / 10

A surprisingly good film.

For some unknown reason those whose profession it is to write reviews didn't think highly of this picture, but I found it amazingly well done. Kelly Reno was superb in his portrayal of a teenager who travels from New York all the way to the desert in Morocco in an attempt to retrieve his horse, kidnapped in New York and taken to Morocco. While the story is implausible, the ACTION and the filming and music are superb. See it, if you can.

Reviewed by jenjinn 10 / 10

Alec Ramsey learns of his magnificent stallion's roots in this breath-taking 1983 film.

"The Black Stallion Returns" is one of my favorite novels, and one of my favorite films. Readers familiar with Walter Farley's saga will note several discrepencies between the books and the films, but that certainly does not detract from the enjoyment to be derived from this film. The cinematography is spectacular, and the Black is as gorgeous as ever, played by horses who capture the true spirit of Farley's legendary stallion. Kelly Reno's skills as an actor have vastly improved in this film, and it is wonderful to see the wide variety of characters that people the Black's world. In many ways, this film is richer than its predecessor ("The Black Stallion"), particularly in its soaring soundtrack that seems to have been custom-composed for the equestrian. Viewers who enjoy this film may also be interested in "The Miracle of the White Stallions," "The Man from Snowy River," and the 1994 production of "Black Beauty."

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