The Best Offer


Crime / Drama / Mystery / Romance

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Donald Sutherland as Billy Whistler
Geoffrey Rush as Virgil Oldman
Jim Sturgess as Robert
Sylvia Hoeks as Claire Ibbetson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dgg321982 10 / 10

artistic movie with plot

Too long I am bombarded by TV shows that attempt to create drama within drama to prolong their lives. Too few movies I have seen that are so beautiful and yet have a good roller-coaster plot.

"The best offer" seems too good to be true. The music, simple, classical and with taste. At times, two channels are separated so that my attention was drawn and I can't stop enjoying the music. The sceneries, full of sculptures, paintings and other sorts of art works, combined with the view of Italy, are mesmerizing. Sylvia Hoeks is just so breathtakingly beautiful. The scene where she submerged herself under the bathtub water was just so picturesquely capture that it itself constructed a french portrait of a girl. The story is just too good to be true, the atmosphere was built up to climax so perfectly that you can sense the doom is imminent. It left me wonder, isn't it too harsh in the end? But

It is a Geoffrey Rush's show. But don't forget, it was Giuseppe Tornatore who put all these pretty things are put together.

Reviewed by dgilligan17 10 / 10

Art Into Life

Great movies have the power to make you think and this movie had me thinking for so long I couldn't sleep on the night I saw it. It is a tremendous film with a deeply unsettling message and even now, 24 hours after seeing it I am haunted by the end.

It's a fairy story and nightmare rolled into one. It's not what happens that's important it's how it happens. the story is great but the plot is even better.

Forget the bad reviews and make up your own mind. If you subscribe to the notion that Life imitates Art or Art imitates Life go see it. You won't be disappointed.

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