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Dakota Fanning as Olivia
Theo James as Luke
Richard Gere as Franny
Clarke Peters as Dr. Romano
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 5 / 10

Not Believable

There are some strong performances here by Richard Gere and Theo James, but the plot details just seem non-believable and don't add up.

Gere portrays Franny Watts, who's a very wealthy philanthropist and chairman of the board of a Philadelphia hospital. However, he'a also a reclusive morphine addict and wracked by guilt after his closest friend Bobby and wife Mia were killed in an auto accident while Franny was engaged in horseplay with Bobby right before the crash.

Now five years later, Bobby and Mia's daughter Olivia (Dakota Fanning), who's in late term pregnancy, has suddenly chosen to return to Philadelphia with her new husband Luke (James). Soon thereafter, Franny will oppressively attempt to intercede and exert control over their lives, while often appearing mentally unbalanced and engaging in his drug addiction. Unfortunately, as mentioned, a lot of this will come across as dramatically staged and non-believable.

Overall, this movie written and directed by Andrew Renzi, has good performances by Gere and James but the sum of it all was a turn off for me.

Reviewed by lavatch 1 / 10

Peculiar Drama Lacks Conviction

The gist of "The Benefactor" is that the main character named "Franny" Watts is independently wealthy and doles out money to his friends with an implicit quid pro quo. The beneficiaries become aware that they are enabling Franny's addiction to painkillers. The principal focus of the narrative is Franny's guilt for an auto accident in which his best friends were killed. Years later, he purchases their home as a gift to their beloved daughter whom Franny calls "Poodles."

The film was written a vehicle for Richard Gere in the role of Franny. But all of the character developments are sketchy, as the scenario is built around Gere's emotional outbursts. The thankless role of Poodles is played by Dakota Fanning, who never fully realizes that Franny was responsible for the auto accident that killed he parents when he was smoking marijuana and horsing around in the car.

Too much left unanswered in this film. Where did Franny get his money? Why wasn't the auto accident investigated and the lit marijuana cigarette found in the car? How could Poodles allow Franny to purchase the home and pay off her husband's medical school loans with raising some basic questions about his motivation? How could Franny's addiction go undetected for so long?

Even die-hard Richard Gere fans will probably find this film perplexing and unconvincing. SPOILER ALERT FOLLOWS: The ending in which Franny's bags are packed and he appears ready for a long trip was the final insult in a film that failed to address the topic raised by the filmmakers about the seriousness of addiction to painkillers.

Reviewed by paulrainwater 2 / 10

What a Snooze Fest

Richard Gere's character is a neurotic, drug addicted, lonely, filthy rich, self indulgent old fart manic dick. I suffered through an hour of this snooze fest waiting for something, anything to happen before finally giving up. At first I thought it looked interesting and was trying to get into it, the opening scenes got me interested, but I kept waiting for something of substance to develop, but it got more silly as the movie went on. Why was this movie even made, just to show that Richard Gere can still act? What a waste of time. The opening scenes with flash backs kept me going, but I just could no longer take watching the Richard Gere character being so pathetic. This film is really disappointing and could have had some potential with a different script, maybe they should have invited Julia Roberts to co star and made it into a romantic comedy.

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