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Andrew Scott as Davin
Brian Gleeson as Simon
Hugh O'Conor as Fionan
John Kavanagh as Fionan's dad
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jdowen-24 8 / 10

Hilarious and Touching

So originally i thought this would simply be the Irish version of the hangover movies, however i had an essay to write and so i was prepared to watch anything to avoid doing it. I was wrong. The Stag did have the laddish banter in it, with one character known as "the machine" seeming to be a borderline psychopath whose outlandish exploits would gain laughs from mainly a prepubescent male demographic. But the machine's care free, reckless attitude to life helped bring out a more liberated and daring side; to the somewhat awkward and geeky, metro sexual characters. This film had a great balance of humor and touching moments, including the machine singing at the wedding. What i also loved about this film is that it didn't have Irish stereotype characters who were just wanting to get hammered and have a fight, but they were more honest and real characters who each had their own obstacles and problems to face, which helped show the character development as they dealt with these issues. Overall a great film, one that i will definitely be buying on DVD when it comes out!

Reviewed by nicky-58 10 / 10

All the Earmarks...

...of a big budget movie without the big budget.

Sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, always tantalizing, impossible to look away.

Great acting, immaculate pacing.

The story begins with some solid character development, then the flies begin to land in the ointment. You can anticipate but you can never predict what's going to happen next.

This is an Irish film, and I've seen some of the actors before, but I couldn't name a one. Nevertheless, they turned in big time performances leading me to believe that several of them must be stars in Ireland.

The writing/dialogue is first class. The laughs come fast enough to be very hip without being annoying.

Reviewed by stuart-comerford 9 / 10

Perfectly executed, and deeper than you may think

What may seem like a small fun, light-hearted comedy on the surface, turns out to be an incredibly fun, emotionally moving story which addresses the topic of masculinity in 2014.

It's simple, it's really simple even – it's just a group of guys going on a Stag, and they unfortunately have to share it with the bride's crazy brother, known only as "The Machine" – so what makes it so special? It's an incredibly well executed, heart-warming tale in which every character is unique and lovable, and each actor delivers a fantastic performance in their respective roles. Andrew Scott of BBC's Sherlock is probably the main attraction here, but even his brilliant performance is easily upstaged by Hugh O'Conor and Peter McDonald who completely dissolve into their roles.

Peter McDonald and John Butler's script brings to life these characters in a very fun-loving way. There's nothing outrageous or false about the comedic moments, they're genuine and at times heart-warming, which is a welcome change from what we've come to expect from comedy films. But beyond a few gags there's so much honesty in the storytelling and how the events unfold that you can't help but be drawn to it and immerse yourself in the characters' situation, to the point where you feel like you're a guest at their wedding after the Stag. With so many human, authentic moments, there is something about this tale that will undoubtedly appeal to you – and then there's the comedic aspect of the film, which is above-all, the icing on the cake.

"The Stag" brings forth a very important message about how we have a tendency to approach modern masculinity in a traditional fashion, and the movie acts as a learning experience for both the audience and the characters, resulting in the most heart-warming Irish comedy in the last 5 years.

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