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Rya Kihlstedt as Judith Winstead
Julian Acosta as Young Robert Koep
William Mapother as Dr. Henry West
Rob Kerkovich as Agent Barnes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dan_Cheadle 2 / 10

Dull faux documentary

I don't really know what the point of this movie was.

It's not scary at all and it's made as a faux documentary style but all the footage of course is fake and all the people interviewed are actors, William Mapother off 'Lost' fame with a very recognisable face plays one of the psychologists maybe if they would have gone with people who weren't as famous it would have worked a little better.

But on the other hand there are plenty of faux documentaries that does work so it's not all just that, it's just really boring.

I don't really know what more to say about this movie cause there's really nothing to say, a real big bore of a movie.

Reviewed by bowmanblue 4 / 10

Apparently they still had 'found footage' back in the seventies

'The Atticus Institute' is a documentary. Only it isn't. It's one of those films that is shot like one, yet scripted – I think they call them a 'mockumentary.' I've seen the genre before and they can be pretty entertaining; normally they're quite funny and this one is supposed to be scary. It's about the first 'government sponsored' institute which studies the paranormal. The story is about the facility's first 'genuine' patient with paranormal abilities.

Therefore you get a load of 'talking head' interviews shoved in every few scenes. It's set in the seventies, so all the scenes 'recorded' back then are nice and grainy, while the 'interviews' are supposed to be filmed with modern cameras, therefore being clearer in picture quality. Yes, both sorts are well-filmed. The overall effect is certainly one of watching a documentary on past times. Only the interviews totally take you out of what little scary mood has been created (and there's not much of that to begin with). Whoever's being interviewed basically tells you a bit about what happened back in the past and then we see what they've already said in grainy 'stock' footage.

So, everything that's going to happen is first told to us by an interviewee. And you can probably guess what's going to happen anyway. Once the institute gets its first 'real' person with psychic abilities then you know it's going to go wrong for them. And it does. Only it doesn't really crank up the mood to anything because it's being told to us in retrospect and you sort of already know what's happened because it's all taken place already (that's assuming you couldn't guess what happened anyway).

And, what few scares are in here aren't that scary. The lynchpin of any 'found footage' film is that it doesn't have much of a budget. And it shows here. Basically, if you like horror films, there are better. And, if you like 'found footage' films then you'll probably have seen better also.

Plus there's a British actress who plays one of the doctors who completely overacts every time she's interviewed. She wound me up.

Reviewed by Finfrosk86 5 / 10

Good pacing at first, then down hill.

The subject matter is interesting. The movie is very well paced. This (the pacing) is the absolute best thing about this movie. Since it is about research on telekinesis and stuff, it is very smart to pace it slow, so that the viewer gets time to adapt. We don't want to be thrown straight into a fantastical universe, at least not if it is to be realistic. So for that I applaud this movie.

The acting is pretty decent for the most part, too.

And it being found footage, isn't such a drag as it could have been. It's rather realistically made, some of the time.

But then it just never gets really cool. It is a little boring at times, and there is this one CG-blood scene in there that is just horrible. And it is such a short scene, why could they not make sure it looked better!? I will never understand stuff like that.

So to sum up, the pacing is good at first, then it gets a little boring, and then it goes down hill. At the end I was kind of happy it was over. Even though it was the opening movie on Frightfest 2015. Bummer.

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