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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
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Jeff Daniels as Arlen Faber
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Lou Taylor Pucci as Kris Lucas
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Reviewed by sarahrck 8 / 10

Well done but yet medium rare

This film is a good all around romantic dramedy. All the characters in the story become interconnected and realize that as much as their problems are personal they need the company of others to help them through life. The idea that "you are your own worst enemy" is thematic here and the quirky lifestyles of these Philly dwellers help ease the tension in what could be very uncomfortable dramatic scenes. Its been hard to find a romantic comedy that stays away from sex and the city like characters or tween indie pastel colored cult movies. Arlen Faber offers us a tasteful unpretentious refreshing and funny kick back film. And for the record this movie wasn't overly godly, something that I was afraid of when choosing what to see at Sundance. The religious themes are pretty minimal and I don't leave the theater thinking that I need to rethink my relationship with God or religion.

Reviewed by hprockstar 9 / 10

Isn't it romantic?

Arlen Faber's life is decidedly unromantic despite his fame and fortune. The person who "changed the face of spirituality for a generation" doesn't have a clue about God or how to connect with Him. Arlen is crawling physically in the movie because of a back injury, but he is also crawling spiritually...and for that matter, emotionally and relationally. The nuggets of truth that I gleaned from this film are as follows: the more we claim to have God figured out, the farther we are from the truth; sometimes we find God in the face of other people; and, God can work through broken people to touch other broken people. After all, aren't we all crawling toward the Truth in one way or another?

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 5 / 10

love the Daniels Graham pairing

In 1988, Arlen Faber (Jeff Daniels) wrote the spirituality book "Me and God" which became a best seller and a worldwide success. It's 20 years later and his identity is still a secret. His agent Terry Fraser (Nora Dunn) says he is beyond the world or possessions but in reality, he's more of a misanthrope. His mailman (Tony Hale) is a fan but thinks he's Arlen's assistant. Kris Lucas (Lou Taylor Pucci) returns from rehab to find his bookstore closed for 27 days after his assistant Dahlia (Kat Dennings) lost the keys. He is struggling with sobriety while living with his drunken father. Arlen is so frustrated that he tries to give away a stack of his books to Kris but Kris refuses. Arlen throws out his back and gets single-mom chiropractor Elizabeth (Lauren Graham). Anne (Olivia Thirlby) is her receptionist.

The good aspect is the abundance of good actors in the cast. I love many of these actors. The pairing of Daniels and Graham is a great start. There are probably one or two too many characters. This could have been a nice rom-com. However, it tries to do so many things with these many characters. The theological stuff doesn't really work. It's too disruptive and Kris' struggle is distracting. In the end, this doesn't work quite enough.

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