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Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ross D-G 7 / 10

Emotional at times and Awesome at times

OK years after the not really amazing Spider-Man this new series of spidey movies has not been successful with adults and some teens. But now the 2nd movie was 1 year ago and it's been a very good film indeed. But I don't really like the fact that there is going to be 2 MORE MOVIES!! So there is amazing Spider-Man 3 coming 2016 and amazing Spider- Man 4 in 2018. But let us talk about amazing Spider-Man 2 and the Spider-Man 2 in 2004 so we can compare it to each other. First of course amazing Spider-Man 2 so it has got over the top action lots of swinging moments of course and 3 villains which are the green goblin electro and the 2 minute rhino!! Over to Spider-Man 2 it has got some rubbery moments and only 1 villain doc ock and also boring stuff so amazing Spider-Man two Is a big improvement from amazing Spider-Man 2012 and although it's sometimes silly it's really entertaining for people everywhere but of course amazing Spider-Man 2012 is so silly and unneeded(SOZ mark Webb) so yeah

Reviewed by wiholke2020 7 / 10

Not as much as I hoped for. But still classic Spidey!

This movie is PG-13 for a reason. Watch with a person older than 13 at all times.

I was really excited for this movie! First of all, Spider Man will finally face Electro, a villain I've always wanted to see in a movie! And apparently, Rhino would be in this movie as well, which I was also excited for!

But when I read some of the other user reviews, I became disappointed. And suddenly I became less excited to see this movie.

So when the movie starts, Spider Man does what he does, fights crime and we meet my least favorite character in the movie. No, it's not Max. It is in fact the crook Spider Man is trying to defeat. Why do I not like him? He's a bad actor in general, and there's no reason for him to be Russian, either.

Then during graduation, we Stan Lee! I automatically laughed, but then he said, "Hey! I know that kid!" Which I didn't really like. Then Peter Parker walks up to Gwen when he graduated and kissed her which I thought was not necessary in the movie what so ever!

All goes well for awhile, then we meet Max Dillan. He's OK, but I don't all the time like Jamie Fox as an actor, so he sometimes ruined the movie for me, but he was still pretty cool when he became Electro.

But what really ruined the movie for me out of all the things in this movie, would be the fact that Peter is basically giving up Spider-Man to go to London with Gwen and I just absolutely hate that. Spider-Man in the originals doesn't just care about his girlfriend, he cares about his whole city! And why exactly does Gwen have to die? MJ in the originals never died. It's pointless and stupid. Then the Rhino comes ( who is also the bad acting Russian dude ) and terrorizes the city! Why is Spider-Man not helping? Because he is too sad that his girlfriend died so he can't do anything! Dude, you're Spider-Man. The city needs you.

But he does come back at the end and that was really cool. Spider-Man is funnier in this one, most of the movie was cool action scenes that I love.

But if you're wanting to watch a Spider-Man movie, like, classic Spider-Man, I suggest this won't be your best choice.

Most of this stuff I can roll with. But anything involved with Gwen I can't. This is still a great Spider-Man movie, I have to give that credit to the creators, I really hated some of the scenes. But still, overall, good movie. The story of Electro is also pretty cool. Get Gwen out of my face.

7 stars!

Reviewed by Ole Sandbaek Joergensen 7 / 10

Good action packed movie

I really like spiderman as a series, and I think Andrew Garfield does take on this more gloomy and dark version of spidey/peter parker, it works quite well and I hope that they make many more in the series.

Very nice action packed movie, if you haven't seen it or know what is coming in it, maybe you should not read on **spoiler alert**.

I am not a big fan of these villains or heroes for that matter that gets weird powers that is not at all plausible, spiderman well yes maybe a mutated spider could bit and transfer powers, that is okay for me, but Electro come on, he should have died in that fish tank and not become this electrical super freak evil bad guy. Give me the two other evil enemies at the end, Dane DeHaan really fits his part both as Harry Osborne, but also as the Goblin it is really good. The Rhino that we briefly see in the end is really fitting in my universe of spiderman and the evil fiends he has to battle, so for my sake those are the one they should go for.

Really good and action packed, maybe a bit to long, but it keeps you entertained all the way.

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