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Forrest Tucker as Tom Friend
Peter Cushing as Dr. John Rollason
Maureen Connell as Helen Rollason
Richard Wattis as Dr. Peter Fox
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Reviewed by Brandt Sponseller 9 / 10

Thrilling combination of adventure and horror with a message

Dr. John Rollason (Peter Cushing), his wife, Helen (Maureen Connell), and a colleague, Peter Fox (Richard Wattis), have traveled to a remote location in the Himalayas, ostensibly to study rare plant specimens. However, Helen and Peter soon learn that John had an ulterior motive, when he reveals that a ragtag group of explorers, headed by Dr. Tom Friend (Forrest Tucker) are on their way to meet up with John. They plan to lead a small expedition further into the mountains, in search for the infamous abominable snowman, or Yeti.

The Abominable Snowman is a marvelous combination of adventure, horror, and a film with a broader message. The beginning may seem a bit slow to younger viewers, but it is crucial to the plot, and Peter Cushing, as always, turns in a tremendous performance. The monastery setting seems authentic, as do the climbing shots that follow, even though most of the film was shot in Hammer's UK studios and the mountains are actually the Pyrenees in France.

It doesn't take long for director Val Guest to build tension, first dramatically with the ulterior motive revelation and the conflict is causes between John and his wife, then during the Friend expedition's climb, and most importantly, when our crew nears the Yeti. Because the creature effects, especially in the 1950s, can't rival the viewer's imagination, Guest wisely keeps the creatures off-screen for the bulk of the film, and when we see more, it's in heavy shadows. This makes the Yeti material extremely effective.

The message at the end is sincere and poignant, as it also would have been at the time of the film's release, when anthropological exploration of seemingly alien cultures was still regular, captivating news.

Reviewed by Coventry 8 / 10

An extraordinary Hammer journey

I absolutely LOVE the Hammer studios. Regardless what most people claim, this production company offers a lot of diversity and fables for all tastes. Take this for example…in the same year they personified evil through the face of Baron Frankenstein, the also presented a mythical tale of the Himalayan Yeti. Unlike you'd expect, this movie is filled with though-provoking theories, moral speeches and criticism towards typically human greed. Those who're setting their minds to seeing an exiting snowman-hunt with violent and aggressive creature make-up might feel cheated after watching this film. The `horror' is mainly reached through a slow and tense atmosphere and the unpredictable twists in the search for the bizarre species of the Himalayas. The Abominable Snowman is very effective horror! The story makes you think and sympathize, while the locations and photography stuns you. There's a terrific interaction between the two protagonists – Forrest Tucker and Hammer regular Peter Cushing – which automatically forces you to pick sides. The final sequences are a bit of a blotch, I reckon…but by then, you're already impressed more then enough by this film. Val Guest was a terrific choice to direct, his previous efforts for the Hammer studios (The Quartermass Experiments) both were suspenseful movies as well. Nigel Kneale re-wrote the story that was turned in a TV-movie already two years earlier and he succeeds in upholding the unique premise. Cushing is at the peak of his respectable career at this point. In a period of only 3 years after this, he appeared in multiple other Hammer milestones like The Curse of Frankenstein, The Mummy, the Hound of the Baskervillers and the Horror of Dracula. His entire career is highly recommended and the Abominable Snowman even receives and extra plus.

Reviewed by The_Void 7 / 10

Inventive Hammer monster movie

It's rather strange seeing Hammer horror in black and white after all the vibrant colours that their later offerings show off so boldly; but the black and white gives it that old monster movie feel (which is what the movie is anyway...) and it's a good factor for that reason. It's true that this isn't Hammer's finest work, but it's a very nice early offering; and shows some early ingeniousness of the studio. That's what I like best about Hammer Horror; when you see one of their movies, you know that you're going to be in for a fun and imaginative ride and this film certainly delivers on that front. The plot follows botanist Peter Cushing as he joins a group of arctic explorers that go off into the Himalayas in search of the mythical beast - the Yeti. The film then follows, in adventure style, their misadventure as they come face to face with the beast itself and get more than they bargained for...

The snow setting gives the film a feeling of isolation that invokes a constant feeling of dread and we get the impression that if something bad does happen - there wont be anyone there to save our hero's. This mind game has been carried off in many films since this one (Alien, most notably), but here is a good early example of that. The film is also different from most other horror films as it handles a subject and a monster that hasn't often been covered. This sets it apart in a good way as it's something different from the viewer and also goes some way to showing Hammer's inventiveness as most studios are happy to continue taking the safe option and making horror films that have been tried and tested. The fact that the Yeti doesn't appear for much of the film will no doubt annoy some viewers, and it did me somewhat, but it helps the film as it ensures that the audience will be intrigued to finally see the monster. The film is very well paced and doesn't get boring either, which is a plus.

As I said, this isn't Hammer's best film. However; it's definitely well worth tracking down for the Hammer fan, and people in general that want to see a good monster movie.

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