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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Flow 5 / 10

Typical cliché roller coaster with a better roller coaster.

The scares are there, so are the intense moments, good chilling atmosphere, good execution and pretty much OK acting.

A normal horror, they didn't over stretch it, didn't over play it, they kept it simple and effective. Just don't expect to be blown away or even slightly impressed, the ending itself is very predictable. The Abandoned is a horror movie that some will see and they will most likely either quickly forget about it, or keep comparing it with so many other such productions before it.

All in all, an OK movie for a lonely late night.


Reviewed by quincytheodore 3 / 10

Abandon hope for originality, all ye who enter.

There's no delicate way to say this, Abandoned is a husk made by imitating other horror movies, especially those with isolation theme, even down to the almost exact screenplay. Scene by scene comparison could be made to Keifer Sutherland's Mirrors to the most recent Last Shift. It matters not the level of sophistication replicated, it eventually comes down to silly characters running through plainly made corridors.

A troubled young girl has taken a job on secluded building as security. Right from the bat it follows so many conventional examples without adding anything. It uses backdrop of a psychological disease, the call from parent, the banter with rude co-worker. It creates a question of why such large building has only two people as security and these are not the most capable ones either, although this is an uninspiring effect of the dubious story, not intentionally done to set up mystery.

It doesn't create any engaging atmosphere as the few on-screen characters are highly unlikable despite the potential of the cryptic setting. They banter with mundane dialogues, almost equivalent to internet squabble. Their disabilities are merely there to enact stupid stereotypical jump scare moments. There's not much logic or structure to be had here, and it's even worse later on when the movie takes a dive with scrambled plot.

It also fails on producing any sense of dread. The beautiful setting promises a good clear environment for terror, yet it repeatedly shows only barren hallways. It's no understatement that it's one hour worth of plain tour of corridors with some possible haunted rooms in between. The progression is far too predictable, introducing vague entity as the characters are lost or confused if it's their minds playing trick at them.

The Abandoned is sloppy attempt at recreating horror from isolation premise, it starts poorly and ends with an implosion on itself as though the production value just abandoned any sense of coherency then pasted scenes from other movies.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 4 / 10

Ups and downs, but mostly frowns.

I been on a movie set like this in which a director was able to get access to a place were he can film his entire movie all at once in a few days or weeks. Sometimes the problem with that is that they try to stretch out something that cannot be stretched.

The first act is slow, and you can tell its slow because nothing happens that really drives the movie to go anywhere or get me interested at all (except for me thinking to myself "is that Jason Patrick?"). They could have used a better lead actress as well.

As the movie progressed, it keep looking like it was going to be promising, but they kept holding on to moment in the film for far too ling and you loose interest.

Overall this horror film was trying to be cleaver and imaginative, but mostly just lost me in boredom. Overall it was a good story that was just not implemented well enough.

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