The 5th Wave


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Chloë Grace Moretz as Cassie Sullivan
Nick Robinson as Ben Parish / Zombie
Liev Schreiber as Colonel Vosch
Maika Monroe as Ringer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tasin Nasir 8 / 10

Better than other films of these style

I don't know if there is a huge politics in Hollywood. But these film should get better rating. I mean films like Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, amazing spider-man can get serious good rating when all these are actually crap. I need to be clear this is not an outstanding film, but you will enjoy it. it has a convincing plot, unique concept in case of aliens, and an interesting twist. the cinematography could be better, sometimes story progress could be fast and some other case. But you will enjoy the film. I didn't felt that I have wasted my time on this film like others mentioned above. the finishing tells us that they are planning on making a sequel. I am really waiting to see that. I want to say out loud, go to hell katniss everdeen. time for some real young adult, science fiction film.

Reviewed by williambogaert 2 / 10

The idea was good, then the movie started

The global idea for this movie was good. Different waves wiping out humans, not bad at all. And then the movie started... First doubt came from the size of the ships... way to small, way too cheap. And then the "This was the last day of my normal life"... great, billions of people were supposed dead during this quote, but we are focused on the fact this was the last day of the normal life of a 15 yo girl... Amazing isn't it? To make it short, if you're not a teenager, and even more, a female teenager, you're going to waste your time... No effects at all, bad acting, and then WTF making 5yo kids wearing guns and going out to "kill aliens"..., no end to the movie at all... Being not personally fascinated by the vision of a man cutting wood or having a bath... I get bored big time from minute lets say 7 to the end. Don't waste your time on this one.

Reviewed by QinetiQ 2 / 10

Pretty bad and boring

I don't understand how this is getting any good ratings, I guess people who benefit from it are the ones giving those ratings.

There is nothing interesting about this movie, the story is very flat and everything is predictable. It is filled with illogical decisions and the alien race, who is intelligent enough to come here and rule on landing, has no clue what to do and how to do anything efficiently.

The so called waves are a fun given fact but make little sense. If if an alien race would go with that, I am sure they could come up with a more efficient 'wave' than to just infiltrate the human race. Their drones seem to be having no use at all, other than flying from point A to B.

If an alien race has such technology and are in such dire need for living space, I don't think they will go with such a slow and pretty stupid method. They were already observing the earth for decades (if not longer) so I am sure wave 3 could have been a lot more efficient.

Even setting all that aside, the movie is just one cliché event after another. It's one of those movies you go watch if you have really, really nothing else to do.

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