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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 9%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 47%
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Liam Neeson as Bryan Mills
Famke Janssen as Lenore St. John
Maggie Grace as Kim Mills
Dougray Scott as Stuart St. John
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mandeep Marwaha 3 / 10

So terrible it was actually funny

3 stars might be a little harsh seeing as I did enjoy this film, but I enjoyed it for all the wrong reasons. Seemed like a movie made by idiots for idiots. Anyone who is mildly intelligent will find it laughable.

Where do I start, the way this film was shot was poor at best, no scene lasted longer the 3 minutes to try and achieve the same relentless pace we enjoyed from the first Taken movie. This was even worse during any action sequence where there would be about 20 different shots in a space of 30 seconds showing pretty much the same event from pointless angles.

The dialogue, so cheesy, they put in every cliché line from any action movie you can think of, one dimensional characters sounding like idiots. There was a moment in this film where Mills plugs in a USB into a LAPD computer and the computers voices says "You are currently accessing the LAPD hidden files" just in case people in the cinema missed this.

This movie treats its audience like they are slow, and I feel you actually have to be to enjoy it for what it is. Some of the actions sequences were so unrealistic even a 9 your boy would find it a push to believe let alone us adults. Poor way to end a dying trilogy. Hopefully it will now stay dead.

Reviewed by xgabrielchastainx-427-835287 1 / 10

Actually worse than Taken 2.

You'd have to be an idiot to trust the opinion of someone who can't review a movie without waffling for 20 minutes. Listen to me; you won't be sorry. This is not a good movie. Taken was pretty good; Taken 2...not so much. This one is just bad; It's just an old guy running around, shooting at stuff. None of the clever stuff from the other 2 movies is here. Nothing that made Taken good is in here. Nothing that made Taken 2 at least recognizable as a Taken movie is here.

If you ignore me and watch it anyway, I will look for you, I will find you...you know the rest. Actually, if you'd sat through this movie, you'd probably welcome the sweet relief. I meant to end this review right after "This movie is bad", but IMDb apparently likes people to waffle, and there is a 10 line minimum.

Reviewed by QCTeamkill 4 / 10

This is not Taken 3, this is Parkinson 3!!!

Whoever edited and filmed this, should visit a doctor ASAP.

The editing is atrocious, you can't see anything during the action scenes. Moves and hits are usually lost and you can't see who is hitting who, where, how. If you think Taken 2 was bad, this movie takes the spot at clearly trying to do the worst to suck badly.

The movie is also slow and it's less focused on action, if compared to the previous ones.

By the way, if nobody is taken, then why is it called Taken? Is it because my money was TAKEN by a crappy movie?

Bad guys appear in the first 5 minutes and then come back only after the 1 hour mark. That means we got almost 1 hour of pure nonsense.

Our hero destroys at least 20 cars, obviously killing innocent people. Nothing happens to him, he's called a hero, he is free to walk away, Such cool guy that Brian Mills!!!

This movie is a turd and you should avoid. Ah, it doesn't even have a real conclusion. If Taken 4 gets made ( you know it'll get made ), we know his grandchild is gonna be Taken. I'm serious, he now has a freaking grandchild to take care.

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