Tad, the Lost Explorer


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Lewis Macleod as Freddy
Kerry Shale as Tad
Óscar Barberán as Tadeo Jones
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by T F 9 / 10

Fun family movie!

I happened to see Tad The Lost Explorer with some Spanish friends and their children in Madrid a couple of weeks ago - I'm not sure if it's out yet in the U.S.? Anyway - found it to be a very fun ride. Sort of an homage to Indiana Jones, but very sweet. Actually had much more heart than I expected. ANd some great action sequences - the kids I saw it with loved every second! I was actually looking up the film on IMDb to see who made it and when I saw the first review I was really surprised to see a negative review. I'll admit that animated movies usually aren't my thing, but I really thought the characters and story were great.

Reviewed by Fran M. (timber0001) 9 / 10

Great family fun

It was a very nice surprise to see how Tad contained all the required ingredients for such a film and furthermore a good story and a great technical quality... to be honest I wasn't expecting that much! I began watching it thinking of it as a «minor» but found it was much better than some material released by the big studios. The main characters are well defined and fun, like the different situations throughout the story. In the technical and artistic side, the love and care put in this production can be seen everywhere, from colorful landscapes to the smallest details in textures, surfaces, objects, building designs, etc. Anyway, maybe the most important thing is not how much I liked this movie but the fact that I watched it with my 4-year-old niece and she absolutely enjoyed it as much as I did. After watching this Tad The Lost Explorer, I can only wish they'll be making Tad II. Whether you have children around or you appreciate nice movies for all public, you should not miss this one.

Reviewed by said_mohmed33 8 / 10

an unexpected brilliance !!

when i saw the poster of that movie i said to myself "oh , it's another predictable movie , just like journey to the mysterious island " but when i got to see it with one of my friends i found it pretty good ! full of pure humor , exciting pursuits and some suspense .. the thing i loved most in this movie was the pure Inca spirit and Peruvian civilization content , the mute bird was a really clever comic addition to this movie along with the Momia as well .. in the technical and artistic side this movie is very good , full of colorful landscapes and accurate detailing even in the smallest surfaces , objects and big buildings , a great family show ,highly recommended

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