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Erin Gray as Mayor Pendleton
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Jack Scalia as Lt. Jack Floyd
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ChrisTreborn 8 / 10

Hmm.. I have memories.

I first saw this movie years back when I was on 6.th grade or something. Well, till now I remember some of the things from this movie.

T-Force (Spoilers******)

Inspired from the Terminator movies, director Richard Pepin tells the sci-fi story of some kind of Robots (much like T-800 series) used by the government. When there is any highly critical condition like terrorist attacks or hostage situation the cops used to call the help of T-Force. It includes 4 or 5 members including a lady robot (Yahe, she's pretty!) But things one day get messed up when the Robots take up on their own charges. They begin a new war against the authorities resulting a bunch of actions, gun fights, and shoot outs. Who will win the war, watch out T-Force!

Yahe it's a low stage action films that came up with the ideas of Terminator, the smash hit of that times. But hey it has some cool visions from the writers Jacobsen Hart and Lenore Kletter one which shows virtual realistic girlfriend (yahe it was first seen on Total Recall, but this one really worked), that was later copied to Arnold's Sixth day. Also one unforgettable scene is the love making of Robots, huh Jennifer MacDonald (I really searched madly to find her name) make that scene unforgettable! Go and watch the movie for some lag in time.

T-Force = A memorable movie.

Reviewed by mergatroid-1 3 / 10

Sure ain't the worst movie out there

The future.

Cyborgs used as advances swat teams but their decision making skills are not up to snuff.

Civilians get killed.

Cyborgs ordered to be dismantled.

Cyborgs say 'FU' (they didn't get their Laws of Robotics quite right) Three of four cyborgs decide self preservation comes before obeying authority.

Three cyborgs run away, killing everything in their path, and decide the Law is corrupt and must be destroyed.

Loner cop (Scalia) teams up with the only boot licker (uh, I mean, obedient) cyborg to take out the evil cyborgs.

This is a low budget cop scifi romp, and it shows. I wouldn't recommend this movie, however if I was bored and it came on TV I might not change the channel unless there was something better on (like the Paint Drying Channel).

They do try and ask some interesting moral questions, but this ain't no I Robot. However, the babe cyborg is HOT. AND, the best part of the movie, Erin Gray stars as the Mayor. She is SO hot, even trying to be a stuffy know-it-all politician. She can roast my weenie any time!!!

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