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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 39%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by reallyevilboy 5 / 10

Needs Patience.

I needed real patience to get through this one.

The whole thing felt immature. The acting, some of the dialogue, some of the script.

Someone is about to embark on the biggest discovery in history. He's popping pills and drinking coffee just to stay awake because it's all he can do. Then for the rest of the movie all he's wanting to do is have sex with one particular woman. I did find this a little annoying.

They were trying to give it that eighties scifi look, synthesizers all over the place, bladerunner style. Even down to the opening font and concrete architectural landscapes. I quite liked the charm that it lent itself to. But it also lent itself to eighties boring. Long, over stylized, drawn out conversations, completely unnecessary unless there was a serious intention to make me turn it off.

And I nearly turned it off, many many times.

But there was a sense that maybe, just maybe the movie would get better. There would be a great ending, or something.

Over time it did get a little better and the main reason I did not turn it off was I wanted to see the end. There was a sense of deliberate creation here by someone who had it in him to make a great movie.

Not this movie though, He missed the target on this movie. You could see where he was aiming for. With the substance and style it could have been a great movie. But when you miss the mark, you miss the mark.

Reviewed by HorrorOverEverything 3 / 10

Choppy Love Story Disguised As A Time Travel Movie

Wow that was a rough one to get through. I really enjoyed Jacob Gentry's film "The Signal, it had tons of heart and originality, so I figured this had to be decent. Unfortunately that was not the case here.

"Synchronicity" is simply a love story, and not even a good one. It is about a man who is working on a time machine when he falls in love with a woman who is sexually involved with his investor. From there the film is basically a mash up of our main character doing some really lame time traveling and a bunch of scenes of him and his new love doing a bunch of uninteresting stuff. Honestly there is no chemistry between them at all, he falls in love with her in like 2 hours and is totally ready to blow everything he has been working on just so he can be with her.

The acting was pretty bad as well, some of the lines were actually laughable. There is one scene in particular between the main character and his love interest that is suppose to be super serious but instead it felt like a really bad youtube skit. It seemed like the worst actors got the most screen time while the more talented actors were left with very little dialogue.

This film was a mess, the time travel aspect of it has so many plot holes and never really goes anywhere and the love story aspect of it was just boring and didn't really go anywhere. I was hoping this would be a nice time travel gem similar to "Predestination" but instead it was just a very sub par love story with a dash or time travel sprinkled in.


Reviewed by m_lecarre 7 / 10

Well Worth Watching

I've read the negative and 'so-so' reviews here on this movie and wonder if we watched the same movie. References to Blade Runner, capturing 80's style production etcetera - sorry but I don't agree. I Hailed Blade Runner as the best futuristically dystopian Sci-Fi movie as the best I'd ever seen way back when it first came out, I have every version of it and still watch them on a regular basis - it never fails to satisfy and leave me with a feeling of calm satisfaction. Just about every movie that's ever been made just like every story that's ever been written owes something to those that came before it: as they say there is nothing new under the sun. Now back to Synchronicity 2015. It is a stand alone movie with (all IMHO) a solid well-written script, a sound and interesting premise, more than acceptably good special effects (which it didn't need to rely upon to tell its story), very well cast and well acted and although not a 'drivingly wild video game movie' (yuk) it never lags in pace or fails to hold the viewers interest and curiosity. Nothing is certain ... is it past or parallel, real or imagined, it leaves a lot for the viewer to decide which is, I surmise, why the movie gets such a mixed reception. Not a typical Hollywood style wrap it all up neatly in buttered popcorn it needs your attention and perhaps more than a single viewing to appreciate the content. The sexuality/physical attraction that has been called a love story is neither pointless nor gratuitous but serves a well-defined emotional purpose given the context of events and the nature of the relationship which intertwines the raison d'être of the two characters involved with the development of the premise upon which the film proceeds. If you want or are looking for a movie that is blunt force trauma to the senses then this won't be for you. If, however, you appreciate subtlety of expression, timing and story development then give this movie a watch. I enjoyed it and will watch it several more times to allow the subtleties previously unseen to fully develop. 7 out of 10 at least on my scale for a movie that not only entertains, but holds ones attention for the duration of the movie and has characters that are believable and very human.

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