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Reviewed by Destroyer Wod 5 / 10

Not funny enough...

I saw this movie at the video store, and i am a bit of a sucker for those type of "teen overnight" movies. I decided to rent it and to be honest, i felt it was pretty disappointing. First, thankfully i didn't saw "Endless Bummer" cause i just saw its that movie repack with a new title. Awkward...

So i start to watch it and it start as a typical presentation of all the movies protagonist, then incident happen(surf get stolen) and we can start the overnight. Problem is, its just not done right.

This concept has been done many times, movies that did it right where the ones like Superbad, 21 and Over and so on. This movie just follow the group during that night but nothing really funny happen.

They more or less find the guy, dad acknowledge what his son did was wrong, let them punch him a couple time and thats it. You would expect the thief to have friends, our protagonist trying to get back the surf board but always coming short of it, getting screwed and then eventually planning some kind of big revenge, i dunno. But the thing is, they find him, dad let them in, they pick the surf board, and thats it. How they wait and want revenge on the guy is extremely silly as well...

Couple stuff happen to the secondary characters, but nothing major and i dunno what else to say, its just not as funny as this kind of movie should be. At the end you got a speech telling us about what happened to the characters like this was somewhat a real story, i dunno, but its not.

I wouldn't say its totally terrible, just that it really lacks funny moments and for a 2009 movie repacked in late 2013... you wonder what was the motivation. Lets just say i am generous with a 5.

Reviewed by aaronenglert-19313 2 / 10


On a mission seeking justice for their stolen surfboard they go around stealing beer from gas station clerks.

10 lines about the movie. Beach Personalities Ventura Valley

Better-than-thou thieves search for their stolen surfboard while stealing beer from gas station clerks.

10 lines about the movie. Beach Personality Ventura Valley Seeking justice for their stolen surfboard they go around stealing beer from Quick-E-Mart.

10 line about the movie. Beach Personalities Ventura Valley. Thumbs down.

Reviewed by Trentshubert 8 / 10

Cult classic??

I thought it was very good. Not over the top. A piece of ART. Not too full of stupid gag humour, antics, and unrealistic conversations. I Felt it struck a chord on my heart. I wish it didn't carry the national lampoon name, because everyone who goes into it with the national lampoon in mind will be disappointed. I guess I can see that the characters are hard to relate to for most people. But still they feel real and true. They are honourable and thoughtful.

It is certainly not the best movie ever, I think it is out of its time. Maybe to be made earlier or later and this thing would be more respected. anyway The actors did a good job. I Think it sort of has a dazed and confused; empire records vibe. Is it missing that extra push to put it into cult classic history? you decide. Anyway I plan to watch it with my son someday when he is older.

I feel the other reviews are a little too hard on a good story. Van wilder, project X, super-bad, etc. have given us this weird expectation in our party movies. We want to see the loser spin out of control on the best night of this life and shlt his pants and blow up his parents house. This is not that story. It is a real story that stays with reality. Fun people doing the right thing.

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