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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by justfriendsgo2 9 / 10

God 1, Devil 0

The film played at my local cinema in Houston and I would like to be the first to give an extensive commentary. First off, let me say this is a strong, faith-based movie which should have been marketed better. I agree with the previous poster that this should have been released more widely. At its crux, 'Suing the Devil' argues that a literal devil exists and is the cause of institutionalized avarice, plain evil, and economic oppression. The subtle layer of God vs The Evil Being gives the film a heightened credence - this is no ordinary film.

Rather than doing the over-done Faustian tale of the soul, the filmmakers opted to focus on a real battle that takes place in a real courtroom. The hero has already been re-born so to speak and now must face his biggest adversary who remains an enigma carefully wrought out by actor Malcolm McDowell.

The execution of this story is remarkable, from the elegant direction and incredible performances to the innovative camera work and stylish mise-en-scene. The filmmakers infuse the film with stark contrast lighting in the courtroom and masterful compositions rich in detail and multiple layers of action. When Satan appears in the courtroom, he is heavily backlit and accompanied by ethereal sounds. Parts of this film have a wicked sense of humour, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The trial and the monologue of the devil is especially amusing and well-written ("I could tempt you with a candy-bar and you'd sell out Christ in a second")

The most remarkable performance in the film is again Malcolm McDowell ('Clockwork Orange'). I don't need to repeat the other reviewers here but suffice it to say his performance is top of the world. I dare you to find a better actor this year in any film.

Everyone else in the cast is also excellent. The lead character who plays Luke pulls off the inconceivable task of suing the devil quite admirably. Corbin Bernsen is also in the film as a wink to his 'LA Law' persona (although it would have been much better for him to play one of the lawyers) The evil lawyers representing Satan also do a splendid job of juxtaposing their characters with the task of representing their client - the most wicked being on earth.

Reviewed by nancyrossagent 10 / 10

SUING THE DEVIL is an eye-popping movie. Expect to walk out with new insight into the devil's strategy

When I saw the TV commercials for this movie, I thought, 'What on earth is this?' and then I went with some girlfriends and we were all bowled away. This film starts off a wee too slowly, but once the devil arrives, we're all sitting up! The actor McDowell is incredible to say the least. But all of us left the movie house quiet and respectful in the end, rarely do we do that! All the way to the lobby until someone finally broke out and said, 'isn't that the best film you've ever seen?' And we all agreed. The best part in the movie is when we discover the wife has cancer. That brought many a tear to my eye... I was surprised by this splendid film. I'd watch it again and again.

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