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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 60%
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Scott MacDonald as Deming
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James Le Gros as Soldier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by driveingoddess 7 / 10

This one's a keeper...

I saw this little gem at a film festival in LA. I went in expecting to see another war film but I was in for a treat! I don't want to give too much information away so let me say the movie takes the viewer on a twisting, turning surreal journey that will disturb you at times, frighten you and bring you to tears before the end credits roll but you will be glad you saw it. The movie encompasses several different elements-the perils of war, a touch of macabre, sadness and redemption. All these elements are woven together nicely by director Jeff Burr-who also wrote the film. One of the many things that really caught my eye was the imagery-during the outside scenes the snow is so white you want to touch it while the rest of the picture has a steely bluish gray look that makes you feel like you are experiencing a dreary winter day. The movie also has an eerie dreamy sort of quality to it with great use of flashbacks that only add to the tone of the film. Last but not least, there are a few bloody scenes that prove very effective in disturbing the viewer, without turning the whole film into a gore fest. This film may be "low budget" by Hollywood standards but that's what makes it stand out above the rest. I like the fact that this was not a typical big budget film with big overpaid stars and a bunch of teenagers that looked like they just came in off the WB. The people especially the children were real and that stood out thru out the movie. I think director Jeff Burr did an outstanding job on this movie and I look forward to seeing more of his films. I hope that this comes out in theaters so everyone can have the opportunity to witness a truly moving film.

Reviewed by Lyzer 10 / 10

An Excellent, well made film

This is an excellent film. As promised, I won't include spoilers. It has the feel of "Johnny Get Your Gun," and is a little like Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket." It shows two human's experiences in a very, very dangerous place and time. The two characters have almost contrasting personalities, yet stranded alone must depend on each other. Deming, a nasty and frightening character, is played by Scott MacDonald. He is a fantastic actor, who simply becomes the roles he takes on. Losey, played by Ryan Francis, is more thoughtful. He has more heart, and a conscience.

This film did very well, with good reason, at the film festivals that have shown it. Though it has a low budget, this for the most part does not detract from the film. The movie does have it's light moments, but for the most part, is for the brave hearted. Jeff Burr and Mark Hannah, the director and producer, made excellent choices when they picked the spots for shooting the film. They perfectly reflect the tones of the scenes, be they sad, frightening, or, once in a while, light and hopeful.

All in all, this film is very well made, and well worth your while, with a new take on the horrors of war.

Reviewed by fertilecelluloid 8 / 10

Horror, Magic Realism and War is Jeff Burr's finest film

From Jeff Burr, the director of the chilling horror anthology, "From A Whisper To A Scream", comes this highly original, sometimes surreal genre hybrid that mixes horror, magic realism, and bloody war themes. Set at the end of WW2, two deserters (Ryan Francis and Scott MacDonald), both traversing very different roads to hell, are captured inside a fortress by a band of orphaned children who have been schooled in the ways of survival by the crusty David Warner. When German soldiers attempt to penetrate their home, the deserters overcome their cowardice by engaging the enemy in a brutal firefight and executing a plan to save the children. A simple synopsis does not convey the cinematic joys of this stylish, emotionally wrenching movie. Shot in Romania and directed with considerable skill by an American, it feels entirely European and shares similarities with the Russian war masterpiece, "Come and See". In terms of tone and visual presentation, I was also reminded of Michael Mann's flawed but atmospheric, "The Keep". The score and sound work are brilliant, as are all the performances. Burr cast real orphans -- some scarred, one without legs -- to play the on-screen orphans, a strategy that pays off in spades. The screenplay, which deftly explores identity and the concept of belonging, is spare and taut. Like the best movies and like life itself, "Straight Into Darkness" is not one thing; it is many.

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