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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
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Harry Morgan as Barker
John Dehner as Hog Contest Announcer
Vivian Blaine as Emily Edwards
Dana Andrews as Pat Gilbert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by George Meara 8 / 10

A Really Good "Feel Good" Film

The simpleness, and wholesomeness of this film makes it a treat to watch. The music and songs make it even more enjoyable, and the beauty of Jeanne Crain in this film would make your eyes water. A rare film with Dick Haymes who was always underrated as a singer. I feel lucky to have a VHS copy of this film.

Reviewed by harry-76 9 / 10

Sweet, simple, charming technicolor musical...better than the 1962 remake...

This trip to the "State Fair" is a fun-filled vacation. It's all there: mother's mince meat pie, father's prize winning hog, and the children's bouts of romances, all wrapped in a tuneful Rodgers & Hammerstein score and tied with a Technicolor bow. The cast is excellent, the songs great, and the direction and production values high. What can one say? They sure don't make 'em like this any more. It's easy to see why -- after this, who can top it?

Reviewed by ferbs54 7 / 10

See It For Jeanne

OK, first, let's get the unimportant things out of the way. The 1945 musical remake of "State Fair" is indeed as corny as one might imagine (appropriate, perhaps, considering that Iowa, where the film transpires, is, according to the state song, "where the tall corn grows"). But it also features a cute story, concerning a farm family's visit to the eponymous fair; some sweet and unfailingly catchy tunes by Rodgers & Hammerstein; gorgeous, supersaturated Technicolor filming; and some amusing characters and situations. Now, then, for the important stuff: Jeanne Crain. Oh my gosh, IMDb viewers, you cannot believe how incredibly beautiful Ms. Crain is in this movie; truly, the idealized representation of the all-American girl, and the quintessence of pulchritudinous muliebrity. Her Margie Frake character just might be the prettiest gal I've ever seen in a movie, and she makes this musical, for me, something very special. That same year, Crain appeared in the Gene Tierney vehicle "Leave Her to Heaven," and managed the near-impossible task of even looking better than Tierney at her best. Why our GI's during WW2 hung up pictures of the comparatively dowdy Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth in their lockers, instead of Jeanne Crain, is a mystery to me. Anyway, if you think I'm going overboard here, rent out "State Fair" one night and put it to the test. If you don't find yourself freezing the images of Jeanne Crain a half dozen times to admire her remarkable looks, I would suggest a visit to your local doctor, as you might be half dead...

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