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Reviewed by Tony Heck (<a class= 7 / 10

It does seem to drag and get repetitive at times, but overall this is a good movie that is worth your time because of the acting.

"The little lady has seen my face, now she's got to pay the price. Like everybody else. That's how it works." Sade (Fishburne) is an assassin with one rule, leave no witnesses. After taking care of who he was supposed to he sees a little girl. Not wanting to break his rule he follows her to the home of Carter (Jane). The two engage in a standoff over a little girl with neither willing to budge at all. It becomes a battle of wills with the little girl's life at stake. This is a movie that only works because of one thing. The acting. This easily could have become super cheesy, boring or unwatchable if the casting wasn't right. Luckily for the film, and for us, they got it right. Fishburne does a great job of playing a hard edge assassin without becoming too over the top or hokey. Jane does a great job of playing a veteran on the edge of losing everything and seeing this girl as his salvation. They turn the movie from a great half hour TV show idea into a full length movie that works. It does seem to drag and get repetitive at times, but overall this is a good movie that is worth your time because of the acting. I give this a B.

Reviewed by daggersineyes 7 / 10

Enjoyed it

I honestly don't understand the really nasty reviews here. This is a very well directed thriller with some great acting from the leads & well worth a look. If you are fond of one location thrillers with a good build up of suspense & tension along with fine character development you'll enjoy it too. If you're looking for an action-packed thrill-a-minute flick this is not the movie for you. I loved the performances of all three leads - the little girl was excellent - and I thought the direction was exceptionally good - I look forward to seeing what the director can produce in the future as he develops. I have no idea why so many people these days think movies should be direct copies of reality - that's why they're movies. They're not going to be "real" - for that you need to pick up a documentary. That said, the premise of this movie, while requiring some suspension of disbelief, does not stray as far from believability as some of these reviews would have you believe. It's not brilliant or perfect but it's a good watch.

Reviewed by culmo80 6 / 10

Great Western !!!

Obviously this includes spoilers...

Here's a simple film that manages that keep tension throughout it's entirety.

Thomas Jane plays an Army veteran with a troubled past. That troubled past is revealed throughout the first half of the film. Jane and his wife were having arguments ... Jane promised to clean up the yard of junk ... their son tripped and hit his head on a piece of junk, dying in the process ... Jane's wife left him. Jane is planning to kill himself when the story starts. This is kind of a clichéd role, but Jane does play it well.

Lawrence Fishburne plays a hit-man/assassin who is seen killing a woman at a cemetery. He chases the little girl to Jane's farmhouse. Jane has a shotgun and holds off Fishburne. The rest of the film is the cat-and-mouse between the two actors.

The tension is well-done, and the acting is good.

The thing is, Fishburne plays arguably the worst hit-man/assassin. These guys are supposed to invisible, only killing their target. But this guy kills a priest, a bodyguard, an innocent guy (the little girl's uncle), a cop ... Who would hire this guy who leaves such a large body count?

The whole "getting a new lease on life" trope for Jane's character is a bit overdone, but that's okay.

Anyway, this isn't a film you list as one of your favorites, but it is one you'll enjoy watching. It doesn't try to be more than it is.

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