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Diogo Morgado as Jesus
Nonso Anozie as Samson
Amber Rose Revah as Mary Magdalene
Roma Downey as Mary, Mother of Jesus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by patsworld 8 / 10

A Humble Telling Of The Son Of God

I do have to take exception with the reviews that declare this movie 'boring' because it didn't go all out with special effects – or quote entire passages of the Bible. I thought that this movie was trying to portray a humble man who was simply going about the business of living out his destiny. Which is exactly who Jesus was. I found it refreshing not to have a slam-bang all-out special effects, miracle exploding on the screen, drama-in-you-face version of this life. The important points were there. In fact, just the important moments and quotes that were needed and wanted. I kept thinking as I'm watching, how could anyone have doubts about this Son of God when it was all such a life as usual, normal people time and yet….and yet…here we are 2014 years later, and this is still the most important person who ever walked on this earth. And everyone knows His name and what He did and who He was. No. This movie was precisely what it needed to be and no more. I took extra tissue, but still it wasn't enough. Watching the end of the earthly life of My Lord was so painful, so heart-rending that, indeed, I cried as much as I feared I would. Maybe more.

Reviewed by PopCultureWhore 1 / 10

Dear Son of God This "Movie" is Bad

Wowsers! If you're interested in a TV movie on the big screen than this is the movie for you. Featuring a Portuguese actor playing Jesus (because Son of God forbid that an actual Middle Easterner played Jesus in a Jesus movie, lest the Faithful go wild) it is literally the Jesus part of The Bible miniseries that played on cable last year with some extra scenes. The production values are exactly what you'd expect for a TV movie - horrible.

They were hoping for a Passion of the Christ like hit, but the movie is almost gone from theaters and it's not even Easter. Ticket sales fell 61% in it's second week , even though it expanded into more theaters.

If you want a good movie about Jesus, Passion of the Christ is where it's at.

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