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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by martin-311-679945 8 / 10

Great pacing - enjoyable movie

This is a 'heist' movie with a fairly standard story and the usual range of characters and events.

One little difference is that it is set in Australia.

But one large difference is the pacing of the movie. It never gets bogged down and it never goes OTT - so we don't see people flying through the air, in slow motion, shooting two guns at once.

The acting is of a level where it well represents the sort of randomness found in such characters as well as offering up a hero for the audience to follow.

If you want a fun action movie with enough of a story to follow and which moves along and keeps the interest up - this one is for you, my son.

Reviewed by tommcdonald242 10 / 10

Great film

I loved this film. The direction reminded me of Jean Pierre Melville, the grand master of french crime films. It had a tight front story which gave little away. The back story (search for an honest father figure/young man relationship) was solid, but subtle. The sound was absolutely realistic. When a gun goes off in a room, it is so loud, it dominates the consciousness of all those in it. The film hit that mark, unlike a lot of movies that aren't realistic. It was great to see JR recoil from such noise and violence as he did, as most people would do. the violence in prison was visceral but realistic. It could be described as hyper realistic but it's a bloody jail, so it's a rough place.

Editing was excellent, direction was superb and Brenton Thwaites gave more of himself to his role than any other movie I've seen him in. Ewan was outstanding as was Damon Herriman. The film was tough, hard nosed but well constructed and balanced.

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