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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by roguecritic42 7 / 10

Some Kind of Hate..For Other Reviewers

It sickens me to see how poorly people rate horror movies these days. I once belonged to a group of horror movie fans, but now I am alone. Don't get me wrong. I hate B-movies. I hate the majority of Redbox horror movies that most people have not heard of. But this movie is truly something good and special, and to see it thrown in the gutter by people who I would have trusted as my horror loving peers, has disappointed me.

I remember seeing "It follows" a couple years back. I absolutely loved and adored it. It was a throw back to 80s horror that I really appreciated it. So I did some google searches looking for the next "It Follows". That is when I came across my first internet review of Some Kind of Hate.

When I watched it, I was not disappointed. I guess you could call this film a cult horror classic, since it is apparent from other reviews, that a very unique clique of people will appreciate this film for what it offers.

From storyline, to acting, to environment, to just the feel and soundtrack and nature of the film, I really enjoyed it. If I was looking at these IMDb reviews, I would never have given it a chance. I would have thought it was just another lame redbox b-horror movie.

It's not. The plot is simply enough. Boy is victim is extreme bullying. Karma takes spiritual form and comes back with a vengeance. It's not filled with the gore and special effects throughout the movie you might see in most horror movies that make it to the big screen, but its got story and heart. For the record, I would give it 1 star less than It Follows. But this still is a good movie, worthy of re-watching over the years.

Reviewed by s3276169 6 / 10

A not half bad B horror

Some Kind of Hate is a not half bad B horror.

The premise is not that novel but different enough to be interesting. I suspect this titles primary audience is late teens and twenty somethings. Those who are fresh enough from school to still remember how horrible and cruel other teens can be.

The main character is a supernatural entity who is summoned by the pain of bullied, victimized teens. The storyline is pretty basic but it builds quite well. That said, the violence and self abuse scenes can be a bit on the harsh side at times.

For a B title the acting is quite good too. The whole cast but, in particular, the male and female lead and the girl who plays the vengeful spirit, really offer up decent performances.

Combine all these elements and you have a reasonable horror flick on your hands. Six out of ten from me.

Reviewed by Coventry 6 / 10

Suicide kills: two for the price of one

"Some kind of Hate" is a brutal but formulaic slasher with a couple of supernatural elements processed into the plot. It's not exactly original or particularly memorable, but it's nonetheless entertaining and surely delivers the goods in terms of violence and bloodshed. Lincoln is an introvert semi-emo teenager who gets bullied at home by his biker father as well as at school by the popular jocks. When Lincoln does finally dare to stand up for himself and sticks a fork into the eye of the bully, he's the one to gets punished and send to some sort of karma rehabilitation camp for juvenile delinquents. At the camp, however, the bullying against Lincoln's persona cheerfully continues, but when he hides from his tormentors in a basement, he accidentally summons the vengeful spirit of a girl named Moira who also got bullied at the camp and committed suicide. Moira promptly starts to annihilate Lincoln's bullies, but also the innocent kids and specifically the camp counselors with whom she has a personal score to settle. The premise of bullied high school kids avenging themselves with the help of the paranormal certainly isn't new, just think of such (semi-)classic titles like "Carrie", "Horror High" or "EvilSpeak", but not too many directors dare to tackle the subject of teenage suicide. Some of the characters' stories and testimonies are quite bleak and depressing, but luckily the emphasis primarily lies on the action. The first 2 or 3 kills are tame and take place mostly off- screen, but then all hell breaks loose and especially the last half hour is gore- soaked and vicious, notably because a few totally innocent and even sympathetic supportive characters are relentlessly butchered. The gore is always two for the price of one, because Moira's ghost cuts her own wrists and throat, and her victims simultaneously suffer the exact same wounds. The acting performances are good, with a few familiar faces (like Noah Segan and Andrew Bryniarski) and fresh new talents. Although fairly irrelevant, I must also state that two of the lead actress are unbelievable gorgeous: Grace Phipps and Sierra McCormick.

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