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Daryl Hannah as Susan Hardy
Chloe Bridges as Emily Hargroves
Keith Allan as Mr. Perryman
Stephen Graham as Officer #1
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Elissidel Nope 1 / 10

Horrible Movie

This movie is so bad that it forced me to write my first review on this site, after years of just browsing. That is how bad this movie is, it forced my lazy nature to actually do something.

Everything is bad with this film...every...single...thing. The acting is atrocious, the editing and directing are completely awful, the writing and dialogue is painful and uninspired. Honestly, I do not have one single thing to compliment this movie on. This movie would be considered awful even by "after school special" standards, which is all if could possibly be compared to. Everything involved with this project should be ashamed and embarrassed to have their name attached to it in any way whatsoever.

Avoid it at all costs and do not waste about an hour and a half of your precious time.

Reviewed by logicalrick 2 / 10

So Bad, I Wrote My First Review.

The only reason I'm giving this a 2 is because the idea was good.

Do not watch this movie, I sat through till the end but it was a struggle. Id be shocked if anyone didn't pick the "twist" within 25 minutes.

This is the kind of movie that paints Americans as a bunch of complete ignorant morons. Crazy controlling Mother dons't want to lose her daughter, so she ruins her life and nearly gets her killed. Oh yeah that makes perfect sense!!

In today's social networking world, the idea surrounding the issue of cyber crime and bullying is one to be explored. Whilst the movie did show this point, the underlying mentality behind it was a crazy controlling mother. Not the real issue of social media in today's world. All in all the actors did a fairly good job though.

Best part of the whole movie was the appearance of Tim Ross (for all you Voyager fans)

Reviewed by Mikey 1 / 10

Such a could've have been very good...

I was just flipping through the stations and stumbled upon this movie. The title seemed interesting since it is a topic that applies to today's teens. There are a few moments where the actors actually care about their work. A better script and storyline would've made a difference. Luckily the young actors will still have a chance to continue.

It's a shame that Daryl Hannah has been reduced to this, and what happened to her face??? The end is purely laughable since you can clearly see she's not choking Emily. I only continued to watch it because I wanted to know who the person was that hacked into Cat's phone and computer. It was also sad to see who I believe was Tim Russ and Holly Robinson Peete (3/2/14 I was looking for something else and just realized Russ was listed and I mistook Rachel True for Peete) in supporting roles, but are not listed in the credits. I guess I wouldn't either if I was in this awful movie. Don't even bother watching if you see it. You'll waste two hours of your life!

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