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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 4 / 10

bad mix

Molly Morris (Miley Cyrus) is a private investigator working with her dad ex-Dallas cop Sam (Mike O'Malley). FBI Agent Armon Ranford (Jeremy Piven) is working a case against the Georgian mafia and he needs her to watch over college girl Alex Patrone (Lauren McKnight). Alex is the daughter of an important witness and she may be holding some evidence. Sam continues to gamble and Molly needs money to pay off the debt. The grimy Molly has to infiltrate a sorority.

This starts off as somewhat serious. That could actually work but it goes kind of silly. The girls are either Bs or really stupid. This feels like there are two movies trying to come out on top. It's not silly enough to be Disney teen frivolity. It's definitely not serious but the camera sometimes use shaky hand held style. The styles are all wrong and conflict with each other. It's like somebody thought that Hannah Montana needs to be filmed by Paul Greengrass. If they wanted to do a realistic movie, that would be interesting to see. It would be like Veronica Mars goes to college. Also the name of the movie is horrible and somebody should be fired for it.

Reviewed by chow913 1 / 10

90 Minute Root Canal

Producers obvious failed to realize that semi cute bad acting Disney Channel kids can grow up to be ugly, really bad acting, and annoying adults. The mere fact that a director, cameraman, boom mic operator, and other crew actually committed this to film is truly disturbing.

Dentists everywhere may be out of work, as 'So Undercover' can inflict far more pain than ever before imagined.

Every single last second of this trash had me reciting the 23rd Psalm, "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil," until I realized that was written long before the agony of Miley Cyrus' "acting" was ever know.

Just in case you're having any thoughts of actually seeing this film, perhaps a "plot" synopsis will dissuade you.

Cyrus "stars" as chubby faced Texas private investigator who's supposed to be "bad ass." Considering Cyrus' figure and face that term may be taken in more than one way. Cyrus is pathetic as a 'La Femme Nikita' want to be. (or in any other role) She agree to work undercover for FBI agent Jeremy Piven (What bet with the Devil did he lose too be in this?) In order to pay off her father's gambling debt. Although since the film ends with Cyrus failing to collect her fee it's unclear how her father is still alive and well. This could have been easily explained away with Cyrus receiving reward money from the FBI but that would be to logical for the "writers." Cyrus must go "so undercover" as a spoiled sorority brat at a New Orleans university, in order to..........? Well again, the "writers" never really bother to explain this or how Jeremy Piven has an unlimited budget to supply Cyrus with her undercover rich brat identity.

Only Disney is able to film on location in a city 60% black and give us a 99.9% white cast. I actually counted the token minorities in this film. There's one Mulatto girl! They couldn't even be bothered to work in a few minorities even as extras in the background! At the sorority house Cyrus discovers that all sorority girls a dumb blondes. THAT'S THE SOLE PREMISES for every "joke" in this movie! Pretty girls are dumb! Although Cyrus proves that ugly girls are more dumb.

How else could the "writers" explain why Cyrus' cover isn't blown the first day as she randomly brandishes a handgun sticking it into the faces of her sorority sisters? Since this is Disney, the sorority makes an Amish farm look like 'Animal House' as there is NO sex, beer, or rock and roll, even at a pool party with a fraternity. No, Disney music does not count as rock and roll.

There are several other MAJOR plot holes, such as Cyrus taking photos with a digital camera and then stating she left the "negatives" in a mailbox. And ad nauseam diatribes against the RICO act of 1970. Yes, "diatribes," there's more than one.

But the real nail against the chalkboard is Cyrus herself. She is so annoying, it's unbelievable anyone actually paid to see this film.

Worst film I've ever seen since 'The Starfighters' 1964.

Reviewed by Jonathon Dabell 2 / 10

A lame vehicle for Miley Cyrus - nothing more than Miss Congeniality/Kindergarten Cop for undiscerning teenaged girls.

In her latest attempt to graduate from kids TV starlet to serious Hollywood actress, Miley Cyrus takes on the unlikely role of an all-action private investigator. The film is a strictly formulaic Miss Congeniality/Kindergarten Cop clone, in which the young sleuth is recruited by the FBI for an undercover job in a posh 'n' bitchy sorority house in New Orleans. One presumes that the target audience is teenaged girls who don't care much for high quality cinemaÂ… they will probably find something to enjoy in the film. Meanwhile, for the rest of us the film is a long slog which manages to make 94 minutes feel more like 194 minutes.

Private eye Molly Morris (Miley Cyrus) specialises in photographing philandering husbands cheating on their wives in the Dallas area, helped by her dad Sam (Mike O'Malley), an ex-cop who now dabbles in surveillance work. FBI agent Armon (Jeremy Piven) approaches Molly with a new assignmentÂ… he needs someone to track down some ledgers that are crucial to an upcoming court case. Apparently, there's a strong possibility that the ledgers are being hidden by a college student named Alex (Lauren McKnight) who is resident in a sorority house in New Orleans. Worse still, Armon is convinced that someone in the house is not who they claim to be and plans on harming Alex if the ledgers don't materialise soon. Initially unwilling to accept the job, Molly is forced to change her mind when her father's gambling spirals out of control, resulting in sizable debts. She switches her identity to 'Brook Stonebridge' and goes undercover as a college student on transfer from Hawaii. The rest of the film deals with Molly/Brook's escapades in the sorority house, where she tries to fit in with her weird, wacky and often downright air-headed sorority sisters. On the one hand, she must find the ledgers and uncover the 'mole' in the house. On the other, she has her own blossoming romance with college biker Nicholas (Joshua Bowman) to contend with, as well as a new-found interest in her college studies.

There's little to say about So Undercover – it knows its target audience and gives them what want and expect of a film of this kind. Beyond that, it has no wider aspirations as a piece of cinema. The story is by-the-numbers in the extreme, with obvious red herrings and lots of lame dialogue. The attempts to give Cyrus an action-woman makeover are embarrassing to say the least, although once the action moves to her undercover assignment in the sorority house she does at least look more slightly more suited to the role. The film was pencilled in for an autumn 2012 release at American cinemas but was later shelved and sent direct-to-DVD… it did manage a brief tenure at UK cinemas, but disappeared extremely quickly. Films bomb for a reason… and upon watching So Undercover you won't need to be much of a detective to figure out that this one simply isn't very good.

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