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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by loreleysherry 1 / 10

Sniper : special ops w/out sniper

The first scene looked quite promising, but after that, It's so bad it's horrible.

The sniper rifle is only used during this first scene, after that Seagal use an automatic rifle and he doesn't even bother to aim ; he sprays bullets at random in a prerecorded sequence that is used again and again.

Actually, Seagal doesn't do much ; he babysits his comrade from a safe place, for the major part of the movie, while another lame movie is playing with Rob Vandamme and an annoying spoilt journalist who can do it all.

Sniper:Special ops, is a low cost and boring movie that use a guest star to sell copies, but don't ask too much from them.

Reviewed by JulianThy 1 / 10

This movie is an insult to any fan base Segal once had.

I tried watching this movie today and failed. The once great Steven Segal, renoved action star of Under Siege not to mention his martial art and music career, has released this movie on to us and my god was it hard to watch. Although maybe difficult to believe I got excited seeing the poster for it and boy was I let down.

First shot of the movie features Segal with a goatee and mustache rendering him almost unrecognizable and then after 13 minutes of you watching the screen wondering when something is gonna happen something happens. Spoiler alert not even the action scenes are any good. Hope I didn't ruin the surprise.

The G.I. Joes of the movie then just leave their champion sniper along with his partner right there and run away.

I can't believe someone actually made this movie. Don't watch it.

Reviewed by Harrison Tweed 7 / 10

This movie would have been MUCH better without Seagal

This movie would have been MUCH better without Seagal in it.

Firstly, the low score... c'mon people, how can you rate a B movie as an A movie? For a B movie with a decent budget, it was acceptable and enjoyable. Tim Abell was awesome and acted his part very well, as did Charlene Amoia, and as everyone else BUT Steven Seagal. I grew up as a big fan of his but this latest movie disgusted me... why is his name as a headliner? It should have been Tim Abell. Every part of Seagal being in that movie was annoying, from his dark-dyed goatee, lame attitude, lazy acting, boring vocabulary, and lack of Seagal action. Any other actor, even a no name would have made this movie more enjoyable than Seagal being in it.

Aside Seagal, I gave this B movie a 7 and would have given it at least 1-2 more stars if Seagal wasn't in it. Decent story, action and acting.

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