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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
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Bridget Moynahan as Barbara
Christopher Meloni as Al Klein
Devon Bostick as Freddy Klein
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jesse Boland 7 / 10

The story of a Father seen through no longer filtered eyes of the Son.

Down in the valley you always find the used car dealers; Look around they are there, where the long drives intersect. This movie is not really about the used car industry, or even the valley's (though I've always loved the one's on SOCAL)this movie is all about the Father, and the memory that this one particular summer holds for Freddy his Son. They start out right giving you all of the back story, and introducing you to all of the players so that you can form the right impressions of the characters that Freddy will meet, and this way we can react to the way in which Freddy treats the others with the same feeling that Al has. The lost boys working at the Lot are a lot of fun to watch, and that string is not pulled along too far either. There are many good locations in this movie, and each location feels right, you really get the difference between worlds even if subtle the hard lines of the moneyed, compared to the many curves of the hand to mouth. I Enjoyed the story a lot, and the acting is enough for me to recommend this movie to anyone looking for a funny little drama, or a parent who wants to see that they are not the first to go through it. This is a well made, and solidly delivered movie that anyone will enjoy, families, or just you Grandma's, and Pa's.

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 6 / 10

Indie Kept Me Interested

It's hard to admit I was somewhat charmed by this indie, when one of the main themes takes place on a used car lot where fast talking salesmen will use every trick-in-the-book to sell you a car. Of course, there's much more to the movie than that, with family dramas and a coming-of-age tale being also a big part of the scenario. To me, it was mostly presented in a laid-back humorous way which appealed to me.

Chris Meloni and Dean Norris are excellent in their starring roles as Al and Ash respectively. They've been partners in Diamond Motors, a used car lot in Covina, California, for the past 16 years.

When Al's son Freddy, portrayed by Devon Bostick, is having his high school graduation ceremony, both Al and Ash attend. There they meet up with Freddy's mother Barb, ably played by the talented and beautiful Bridget Moynahan, who's been divorced from Al for 14 years, and re-married now to the rather obnoxious but very wealthy Chick (Xander Berkeley).

Shortly after his graduation, Freddy tells Al he doesn't want to go to college (Cal Poly), but instead wants to work at Al's car business to gain life experience and even wants to live with his father. This will set off a series of events and consequences which will result in some valuable life's lessons being learned by all.

All in all, I felt this indie sometimes lost its' way, such as very crass scenes of Al and Ash's buddies getting together for lunches, which although realistic seemed out of context to the rest of the film. Aside from that though, the movie, written and directed by Joel Surnow had enough humor and drama to keep me engaged throughout.

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